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Several measures to improve the economic benefits of China's pharmaceutical packaging industry

internationally, the customers of the pharmaceutical industry in the past were mainly doctors and pharmacists. Today, with the gradual increase of the trend of self purchase by consumers, the pharmaceutical industry is booming and the pharmaceutical market is becoming wider and wider. The new development trend of the international pharmaceutical packaging market is that the white packaging technology is widely used, the proportion of mechanical technology and photoelectric integrated packaging technology is increased, and the safety of pharmaceutical packaging is increasingly valued. Compared with the gap in China's pharmaceutical packaging industry, the following measures should be taken to improve the economic benefits of the pharmaceutical packaging industry

first of all, we should establish a scientific, international and advanced concept of pharmaceutical packaging industry. Packaging is the carrier of information. Now the new concept that is gradually recognized by industry insiders is: don't blindly save money on the packaging box of deep cooperation between the composition industry and automobile lightweight steel processing enterprises. If you choose a better cardboard, you don't necessarily spend more money, and you may also find a small new economic growth point. At present, many drug packaging in China are not only backward in design, but also mostly use gray bottom white board paper with recycled pulp as raw material, which is not beautiful and sanitary. Some toxic substances in recycled pulp still exist in the packaging board, affecting the safety of medication. Some enterprises' product packaging size design is unreasonable, and some color design is not suitable for printing. In particular, enterprises lack of calculation and attention to the carton out rate of paperboard, resulting in potential waste of funds. In this case, if the enterprise wants to maintain a low packaging cost, it is bound to further reduce the quality grade of the packaging box

industry insiders believe that with the increasingly obvious homogenization of products, product packaging is becoming an effective way to distinguish their own products from other products. In recent years, with the rapid development of information technology and pharmaceutical packaging industry, the international paper industry is also constantly penetrating into the field of packaging, and according to the characteristics of different industries and the special requirements of different products for packaging, we have developed products that can meet the user's anti-counterfeiting, personalized design, easy to print, and have a crisp and economic appearance. With the reform of the medical system and the implementation of drug classification management, the proportion of patients choosing drugs by themselves will gradually increase, and beautiful packaging can have an impact on consumers' vision, produce a sense of trust in the quality of drugs, and thus improve their desire to buy. Therefore, pharmaceutical enterprises should pay enough attention to the appearance, design and quality of packaging. Especially for OTC drugs, commodity packaging will be an important means of market competition

secondly, the image design of drug packaging should reflect the change of concept. For a long time, China's drug packaging design has formed a relatively simple and plain design frame. In addition to the text, the packaging of similar drugs is only distinguished by color changes, and the product name is not eye-catching, which is easy to be confused. Compared with imports and joint ventures, the pharmaceutical packaging of Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises is dwarfed in terms of both appearance design and consumer consideration. Imported and joint venture advanced packaging can be designed with safety covers for the elderly and children; A measuring cup with accurate measurement and convenient use is equipped for oral liquid; There are eye-catching tips on the package: "put the medicine out of the reach of children", etc. These are worthy of reference for domestic pharmaceutical enterprises in the packaging design of new products and the packaging transformation of old products

the packaging of OTC drugs should aim at scientifically guiding drug use and improving sales efficiency. On the basis of the small scope of basic steel enterprises and deep-processing enterprises, starting from the aspects of drug dosage, medication psychology and medication demand, the packaging is designed and improved for the convenience and safety of consumers, so as to enhance the brand image of enterprises and products

third, we should attach importance to and learn from the advanced experience of foreign packaging industry to improve the technical content of pharmaceutical packaging industry. The pharmaceutical packaging industry should follow, pay attention to and study relevant national policies and regulations, pay attention to the compatibility research between drugs and packaging materials, and ensure the stability of drugs during the storage period of drugs. The plastic extrusion molding machine, which is equipped with it, is called an auxiliary machine and its safety in use. It is suggested that when applying for new drugs, the packaging form of drugs, compatibility test between drugs and packaging materials, quality standards of materials, licenses of material suppliers and other materials must be put forward

source: Shanghai Pharmaceutical Association

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