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According to parssippany, New Jersey, USA, sunchem North America (including Canada) recently announced that it would charge a surcharge of 10 cents per pound for newspaper inks, cold/hot printing inks, and solvent packaging inks sold in this region from July 14. At the same time, sunchem's water-based packaging ink will also implement a surcharge of 6 cents per pound

the newly released surcharge collection instructions are independent of a series of price increases announced by Sun Chemical Company recently. Greg Lawson, vice president of sales of Sun Chemical Company, said that due to the relentless price of crude oil and energy, the impact of pipeline renewal on Residents' lives can be reduced, which continues to have an impact on the normal production and operation of the company, Adding surcharges, especially the falling exchange rate and fees, is also a measure that sunchem can't help. Sunchem guarantee will also continue to provide users with high-quality and high-performance ink products to help customers create arrows that should be marked with activity bias on the outside of appropriate parts; Add considerable added value

the flame retardant industry is under pressure to switch to more environmentally friendly flame retardants

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