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Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. held the 16th training course for paver operators from January 5 to 10. A total of more than 40 paver operators from all over the country participated in the training

Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. held the 16th training course for paver operators

in order to enable students to master paver operation and simple fault maintenance in a short time, this training specially arranged theoretical courses and on-site practice. The theoretical course was taught by technicians and senior service engineers. In the class, the instructor explained the performance, basic structure, operation instructions, safe operation, routine troubleshooting, repair and maintenance and other professional knowledge of the paver in depth and in detail, and analyzed and explained it to the students in combination with vivid cases, so that the students could easily master the professional knowledge of the paver. In addition, the DEUTZ engine trainer was specially invited to explain the professional knowledge of the engine for the students to strengthen the elimination of backward production capacity and the supervision of projects under construction. A machine, especially a plastic part paver and an expansion plate paver, was operated on site. The students gathered in a circle to listen to the teacher's explanation attentively, carefully wrote down every detail with a small book, and asked the teacher questions in time when encountering places they did not understand, We exchange with each other, learn from each other, make common progress, and the training effect is good

on site teaching

after the training, the operators visited the modern flow assembly workshop and machining constant temperature workshop in the new industrial park of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., and learned that it was necessary to check whether the experimental machine started the production process of limit protection devices and sophisticated product processing equipment

in recent years, with the diversification of highway grades and the rapid improvement of pavement construction speed in China, higher requirements have been put forward for the technical level of construction machinery. Therefore, it is particularly important to cultivate a group of paver operators with high technical level. This training course for paver operators is a "generous gift" given by Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. to users in the new year. Through training, the technical level of paver operators has been improved, a large number of professionals have been sent to users, the distance between the company and users has been shortened, and the brand of Shaanxi construction machinery has been better publicized

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