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Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.: focus on 6S management to make standards become habits

Shaanxi construction machinery: focus on 6S management to make standards become habits

China's construction machinery information technology is slightly backward

now, when you enter Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., you will be firmly attracted by the clean and tidy plant appearance, and the floors of office areas and production areas will be cleaned cleanly, leaving no sanitary dead corners, All workpieces in the workshop are placed neatly and orderly, and the safety signs are clearly visible, which is a fruitful result of Shaanxi construction machinery adhering to the implementation of 6S management

6s management is an effective on-site management method for modern enterprises, which includes sorting, rectification, cleaning, cleaning, literacy and safety. It is an important way for enterprises to implement people-oriented management, which affects the long-term development of enterprises. In recent years, Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has played a decisive role in the measurement of tension accuracy. By adhering to the 6S management system, all employees of the company have formed a good habit. Every employee can maintain the hygiene of the Department and the production site in strict accordance with the established management standards, and clean, rectify and clean up the office area, production area and other relevant areas half an hour before work every afternoon. Today's production workshops place all objects in categories and areas, properly handle or resolutely discard useless objects, do not occupy useful space, and leave a safe passage. The fire-fighting equipment shall be placed in the designated position, and it is not allowed to move at will, and obstacles are not allowed around, so as to ensure safety and practicality. All facilities and equipment are wiped clean and placed neatly in the specified area. Employees' water cups are placed on the drinking table according to a line, all clothes are hung on the hook, and shoes are placed in the scribed area, completely a military management mode. The glass of the office building is polished, and everyone's desk is only equipped with orderly office supplies. There are no objects irrelevant to the office. All kinds of files and materials are placed neatly. Anyone can take out the materials he needs in time, reducing the waste of working time. Working in this environment is nothing but a pleasure. Through the implementation of sorting, rectification, cleaning and cleaning, it not only creates a safe, comfortable, clean and beautiful workplace and space environment, which develops rapidly, but also enables employees to develop the habit of observing rules and disciplines and become a cultivated person. This is what we say. 1. Automatic zeroing: the computer receives the instruction of "artificial environment and environmental education" to start the experiment. Realizing the first five items of 6S, people, things and environment are more harmonious, and safety is naturally guaranteed

adhering to the implementation of 6S management, full participation and supervision, not only improves the corporate image, reduces waste to the greatest extent, but also creates a safe, efficient, high-quality and orderly working environment

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