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Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. held the 2017 marketing training course

Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. held the 2017 marketing training course

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in preparation for the marketing work in 2017, Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. recently carried out a special training on marketing work, and more than 90 employees of the marketing head office participated in this four-day training

Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. held the 2017 marketing training class

as a systematic training for the whole year, he Weidong, the company's deputy general manager in charge of marketing, attended the opening ceremony. He analyzed, predicted and prospected the current situation and future changes of the company, and hoped that everyone would not live up to the expectations of the company's leaders and all employees for the marketing head office, and continue to maintain a good marketing mentality, work hard Be proactive and contribute to the marketing work of the company

the engineers from the paver station, roller station, maintenance station and mixing station systematically described the technical characteristics, maintenance and other professional knowledge of the company's products, and analyzed and compared the advantages and disadvantages of the company's products and competitors' products. The teachers explained the actual cases, and the classroom was full of interest and attraction. All students listened carefully, Among the existing 35million tons of electrolytic aluminum production capacity, there are few backward ones. They have learned carefully, mastered professional knowledge, improved their ability to solve problems, and laid a foundation for future marketing services

the training also invited senior industry experts to give on-site lectures. Through the case of the real estate market recently, it also showed the forms of teaching, discussion, interaction, question and answer, etc., in simple terms, it shared the marketing experience of the wolf marketing team in winning key customers intelligently, causing a consensus. Everyone spoke actively and benefited a lot

in the training class, the company also commended and rewarded the employees with outstanding performance in 2016, interpreted the 2017 marketing policy, and deployed the annual work of the 2017 marketing head office. In addition, during the training meeting, electrical components and contactors were made of products of international famous brands, and wonderful team activities such as basketball games were arranged, which brought everyone's enthusiasm to the highest point, and also made all students enhance their friendship and feel the warmth of the big family. (sample of this article: 100x100x50mm, 5 from Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.)

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