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Shaanxi construction machinery construction steel structure made every effort to create a new situation in 2015

Shaanxi construction machinery construction steel structure made every effort to create a new situation in 2015

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in response to the new normal of national economic slowdown and structural adjustment, the construction steel structure company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., broke through the difficulties of the industry in 2015 by means of adjusting mechanism, expanding market, improving quality, building brand, and strengthening safety and efficiency, Make every effort to create a new situation in the production and operation of the company

practice your internal skills hard and establish a brand

"sharpen your guns in time, fast and light". At the beginning of the new year, the construction steel structure actively carried out the first round of business knowledge training in the relatively off-season when the project was not started in large quantities. Through training, we focused on business and technology, improved the overall quality and technical level of employees, so as to improve the quality of products and engineering construction, and launched the brand of "Shaanxi construction steel structure" in the steel structure construction market with excellent quality

in terms of safety production, the construction of steel structures should deepen the implementation of "6S" on-site management, and implement measures and strengthen management by regularly issuing "on-site rectification notice" and "6S" management notice, so as to institutionalize and standardize "6S" management; And successfully passed the three-level standard review of work safety standardization, and obtained the certificate of "three-level enterprise of work safety standardization". After thinking through evidence collection, you will find that the work has significantly improved the company's work safety management

3. Selection index of electronic tensile testing machine

in the face of fierce market competition, in 2015, all employees of the steel structure construction self pressurize and practice their internal skills hard, and work together to participate in the tough battle of "raising the level of qualification to level one". A qualification upgrading leading group has been specially established to complete various technical data. At present, it has entered the stage of submission for approval, and is expected to be completed and put into production by the end of December 2018

seize the opportunity and work outwards

in order to seize the opportunity, build steel structures, boldly create a planned annual output of 200000 tons of lithium battery cathode materials and the required precursors and supporting nickel cobalt new, and try out the internal contracting method of the project by combining decentralization and supervision, so as to give full play to the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of all employees, greatly improve work efficiency, and actively explore a new path of project contracting

through the unremitting efforts of the steel structure construction personnel, the brand effect of "Shaanxi construction steel structure" is increasingly apparent. This year, the internal construction projects of Shaanxi coal chemical group are restarted. The construction steel structure takes advantage of the brand advantage to seize the opportunity and seize the bidding negotiation. At present, some projects have entered the stage of contract signing. While paying close attention to the internal market, the construction of steel structure has changed the single product model dominated by industrial plants in the past, actively entered into new fields with relatively high added value, actively worked externally, and contracted projects such as China Railway rainbow bridge and Samsung Heavy Steel. At present, there are also multi-storey shopping malls and high-rise projects under negotiation

in 2015, under the correct leadership and full support of Shaanxi construction machinery, the construction steel structure will accumulate energy to work outward, change passivity into initiative, and change pressure into power. It is certain to win this protracted war of "fighting crisis and overcoming difficulties" in the course of striving

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