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The sewage incident in Quanzhou has not been resolved, and the production of chlor alkali BDO in Meizhou Bay has been blocked.

the sewage department in Quanzhou Quangang District, which has lasted for more than half a month, is further down to 1000N M torque sensor (convenient for disassembly and quality inspection) management event has not been resolved yet. At present, the entire relevant industrial zone has been shut down. The involved Meizhou Bay chlor alkali meets the automotive interior standards. Since the company does not belong to the same industrial zone as the sewage treatment plant, it includes polyether and other devices in the state of partial start-up

due to this incident, the BDO unit with an annual output of 30000 tons of the company's new project was forced to delay indefinitely. The relevant person in charge of the company said that if the new unit was commissioned, the discharge of wastewater would be further increased at that time. At the same time, the sewage outlet of the company was blocked by angry villagers on the same day, and it could not be discharged normally. Therefore, the time of BDO commissioning was difficult to determine, and it could only wait until the incident was resolved

it is understood that the company has repeatedly reported to the government to urge the incident to be resolved as soon as possible, but the government's attitude is to appease and persuade, without giving a specific timetable for resolution

in addition, media reports said that when the sewage treatment plant broke down in mid August, the deep-sea sewage pipeline of Meizhou Bay chlor alkali company was damaged irregularly by nearly 70 cm about 1 km offshore. The company denied it

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