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Hesitation in quartz watches and mechanical watches? Swiss baojue watch gives you the answer

many women often have a worry when buying watches: is it better to choose quartz watches or mechanical watches

if you only wear it for daily use and have no mechanical plot, and your usual amount of exercise is relatively small, it is recommended to buy a quartz watch. Because when you are often in a static state or take off the watch and put it quietly, the mechanical watch is easy to stop and go because of the static state. It needs to be wound up every time you re wear it to keep the watch working normally, which is more troublesome. The quartz watch has no trouble of winding. If you don't know how to operate a mechanical watch or want to avoid trouble, you can choose a quartz watch with better quality. The following brands of quartz watches, both in terms of technology and quality, are worth considering


when talking about Cartier, maybe everyone will think of the blue balloon series of this brand. Due to Cartier's strong brand appeal and the beautiful shape of the watch, Cartier blue balloon has become one of the most popular women's watches. But Cartier has more than blue balloons, such as Cartier baignoire wristwatches, mini watches, quartz movement, and more than 40% of new houses use plastic doors and windows; More than 80% of the newly-built houses in Qingdao and Dalian use plastic windows and unique oval watchcases, which embody Cartier's exquisite watchmaking technology. The baignoire wristwatch is implicit and elegant, representing the essence of Cartier style. 5 the experimental machine should have a nameplate and signs or signs that instigate lubrication, manipulation, safety, etc.: simple design and fashionable style are cleverly integrated

in addition to baignoire watches, Cartier also has Pan re de cartier watches, which are both quartz movements and show female charm with exquisite appearance design

polyethersulfone (PES) is a thermoplastic high molecular material with excellent comprehensive performance developed in 1972. Chopin watch is famous in the watchmaking industry. Chopin watch, which has always been boasting the top-level unique taste, has unique design and technology, provides the high-quality watch with unique taste, and has become the most careful choice of upper class people. When it comes to Chopin's Quartz women's watches, it has to be said that the women's watches of Chopin HAPPY DIAMONDS series, with dazzling diamonds dancing on the carved decorative dial of mother of pearl, are favored by women because of their rare materials, beautiful feminine atmosphere and charm

if you are a Chopin watch fan, you can consider the happy diamonds series, which is very good in both technology and appearance

Swiss baojue bijoumont table

compared with the previous two brands, Swiss baojue bijoumont table is more low-key. It is one of the few watch brands specially designed for women. All series of watches are specially made for women, and they are very different from traditional women's watches and more personalized

combined with the characteristics of women playing with beauty, Swiss baojue watch extends the concept of DIY to watch design. The dial, bezel, ear, strap and other accessories of each series of watches can be subdivided for random disassembly and free replacement, which fully conforms to modern women's pursuit of fashion beauty

it is worth mentioning that unlike women's watches of other brands, bijoumont watches of Switzerland are limited to the choice of a series. There are secret garden series, travel around the world series, exquisite series and precious diamond series under the banner of Swiss baojue watches, all of which are mainly quartz movement watches. There are various styles, and naturally there will be more choices. I believe that you who love beauty and fashion will definitely be able to choose a favorite quartz movement watch among them

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