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Quanzhou paint market does not recognize water-based paint

Quanzhou paint market does not recognize water-based paint

August 25, 2005

the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China issued an announcement in 2004 that solvent based wood coatings will be subject to compulsory certification from May 1, 2004. In 2005, the state will no longer approve new solvent based paint manufacturers. Relevant regulations require that solvent based wood coatings without 3C certification cannot be sold from August 1, 2005. By 2008, China will ban the production and sale of solvent based coatings. However, it is understood that as a substitute for solvent based coatings, water-based paint is not recommended by painters and not promoted by merchants in Quanzhou, Fujian. Although there is a spark in Quanzhou water-based paint market, it is difficult to start a prairie fire

as a substitute for solvent based paint (i.e. oily Wood paint), the biggest feature of water-based paint is environmental protection. Just like its name, water-based paint is diluted with water in use engineering, while oil-based paint uses organic solvents - commonly known as "Tianna water" or "banana water", which is not only toxic, but also flammable. In contrast, the tasteless, non-toxic and environmentally friendly water-based paint is not only harmless to the painters, but also suitable for those who are eager to check in on the same day. But in practice, it was found that such environmentally friendly paint failed to open the market in Quanzhou

no one bought it for half a year.

"water based paint has been launched for more than half a year, but few people are interested in it. So far, no one has bought it and tried it." Miss Chen, a well-known paint dealer in Zitong Road, Quanzhou, said that as a well-known domestic paint brand, the manufacturer vigorously promoted the water-borne paint to the market at the beginning of this year after developing it last year, but the market response was like a backwater

manager Chen Jianming, who sells paint of a well-known international brand, took a product catalogue and said, "although the development of water-based paint in China is only a few years, the development of water-based paint in European countries has a history of 20 or 30 years. Therefore, the product catalogue of the manufacturer we are acting for also contains water-based paint, but we have not promoted it because of poor sales."

recently, most paint dealers in Quanzhou City said that they had not sold water-based paint for the time being. At the same time, some consumers also expressed their views. A Miss Li said that because the decoration is contracted to the decoration company, the paint project uses a brand paint recommended by the decoration company, which has a good reputation. As for whether it is water-based paint, it is not clear. Another owner who is shopping for paint knows a little about paint, so he can get the stress-strain curve. After introducing it to the paint salesperson, he knows that there is water-based paint

in contrast, the water-based paint market in Xiamen is much better than that in Quanzhou. Wang Bodong, a Xiamen dealer of a Korean brand water-based paint who came to Quanzhou to investigate the market, said optimistically, "the market potential of water-based paint is huge. The owners in Xiamen first attach importance to environmental protection in decoration, so water-based paint soon opened a situation in Xiamen. At present, the business of water-based clamp paint includes both company sites and private homes. At the same time, it also has stable business contacts with some furniture manufacturers exported to Europe."

why is it difficult for a single spark to start a prairie fire

talking about water-based paint, Master Li, who has been painting for more than ten years, said that he had only done water-based paint once, when he was painting in Fuzhou five years ago. however, The only intimate contact with Master Li was not a good impression: "The construction time of water-based paint is long, and the pores of wood are difficult to fill. The main reason is that the price is expensive. One group of oil-based paint can buy two groups of oil-based paint for almost the money. Generally, only people with environmental awareness and economic strength will consider it. But for our painters, doing water-based paint engineering will make less money than doing oil-based paint, and the environmental protection performance of high-end solvent based paint of most brands of paint in the market is also good, so, Although water-based environmental protection, but still more willing to do oily paint, also did not do water-based paint. "

wuwenhua, design director of a brand decoration company in Quanzhou, also said that although the application of water-based paint is mature in theory, in practice, the performance of water-based paint is often difficult to control, especially the uniformity is difficult to grasp. Last year, an owner in Quanzhou took the initiative to use water-based paint, but the construction effect was not ideal

it is understood that in fact, as early as twoorthree years ago, there were dealers in Quanzhou who started water-based paint, but at that time, the water-based paint had not been recognized by the market. At present, the real industrial closed loop in Quanzhou has not yet formed the first business to promote water-based paint, and there are only one in Quanzhou and one in Jinjiang

at present, Liu Fuqin, who has given up water-based paint and joined another well-known paint, is an earlier painter involved in water-based paint. When talking about water-based paint, Mr. Liu mentioned many times: now is not the best time to make water-based paint. "Although the prospect of water-based paint is good, it has been unable to open in the Quanzhou market. In the past two years, investing in water-based paint can be said to be 'sitting on the stove and baking your ass', which is very expensive." Mr. Liu said that the water-based paint could not be popularized mainly because the hardness of the water-based paint was not as good as that of the oil-based paint, which made it difficult for painters to operate. Quanzhou consumers have high requirements for the quality and technology of paint, and many people dare not take risks. Moreover, most painters have no experience, and businesses must also carry out professional training for painters. At the same time, the market of water-based paint is not large, which also curbs the enthusiasm of manufacturers to promote. Some major international brands have water-based paint products, but they are not promoted as mainstream products. This has formed a vicious circle: consumers will not take risks easily, painters will not recommend it, businesses will not promote it, and the situation of water-based paint is difficult to open

2008 is the breakthrough year for manufacturers

although the market situation of water-based paint is not hot, which is the knowledge about fatigue testing machine we introduced to you, all paint dealers believe that the use of water-based paint is an inevitable trend. "This requires a process. At present, many domestic paint manufacturers are developing water-based paint, and the state also supports it in policies. At present, the most important thing is that the state has not set a standard for water-based paint." Shenjiamen, a paint dealer in Quanzhou, said that it is urgent for the state to formulate standards for water-based paint in order to truly mature the market

in less than three years from 2008, whether the market of water-based paint can heat up or not. To be sure, many paint manufacturers have been paying close attention to the development of water-based paint. Because, for paint manufacturers, if they want to survive, they must step up the development of water-based paint, otherwise, it will be difficult for them to gain a foothold in the market after 2008. It can be predicted that before 2008, paint manufacturers will gradually promote water-based paint as a mainstream product

as a water-based paint dealer with successful promotion experience in Xiamen and other places, Wang Baidong is full of confidence in the Quanzhou water-based paint Market: "environmental protection has become the first consideration for consumers when decorating. With the stability of the process, water-based paint will no longer be difficult to promote in the market."

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