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Quanzhou LED street lamp cap material creates benefits

Quanzhou LED street lamp cap material creates benefits what is the decoration of the house? Of course, it is the wiring of water and electricity. As a covering project for decoration, water and electricity is always our most concerned problem. We should not only standardize the wiring, but also ensure that the line is a live line process, which is convenient for future maintenance and replacement. Live wire technology is very practical. Today, we invited an old electrician for many years to tell us how to do live wire technology when wiring. The electrician's live wire process, which surrounds the wire and comes out as soon as it is drawn, is really very practical. 1. During construction, the live wire process must embed all the wire tubes before threading, and then thread them in, instead of threading them once while walking the tube. Only in this way can we ensure that all lines can be flexibly tapped. Wrong 33 The guard neutral connection is applied to the three-phase four wire distribution system with 0.23kv/0.4kv low-voltage neutral point directly grounded. Yes, 34 Grounding is a useful method to eliminate static electricity. During the production process, the metal components of each equipment should be electrically connected to make them become equipotential grounding. Yes, 35 In case of fire on high-voltage lines, the remote switch should be quickly opened and non-conductive fire extinguishing equipment should be selected to extinguish the fire. Wrong 36 In order to prevent direct electric shock, technical measures such as double insulation, screen protection and isolation can be selected to ensure safety. Right 37 In the process of disconnecting the person who gets an electric shock from the power supply, the ambulance personnel operate with one hand to prevent their own electric shock

otherwise, the motor will be burnt out after replacement. Personal summary of the reasons for burning the motor: lack of phase, overload, coil aging, bearing loose sweeping chamber, locked rotor. There are two commonly used methods to judge whether the three-phase asynchronous motor is burnt out. The most commonly used ones are: 1. Insulation megger measurement. 1. Insulation megger measurement. Select a suitable insulation megger 500 megameter tensile testing machine to test the tensile strength, compressive strength, elongation, elongation, peeling, tearing, bending, bending, shrinkage and other experiments of various materials, semi-finished products and finished products. For 1000 megaohms or 1000 megaohms, measure phase A and phase B of the three-phase winding respectively, The insulation resistance between phase C and the grounding shell is normal only when the insulation megger is shaken evenly, and the insulation resistance value of each phase measured by the insulation megger is not less than 0.5 megohm. Common methods to judge whether the three-phase asynchronous motor is burnt out 2. Measure any two phases of phase a, phase B and phase C with an insulation megger. When shaking evenly, the resistance value of any two phases is near 0 under normal circumstances, and the resistance value of any two phases is almost the same

electricians, in our view, are a technical type of work. In the eyes of ordinary people, their wages will not be low. There are 8000 without 10000. Of course, there are electricians in factories and electricians on construction sites. I have known a few electricians who work on the construction site before, some of whom help others do some work, and some of whom are contracted by themselves. A master revealed that he only does some work on the basis of his own. It is normal to earn 8000 a month. In this case, the salary of a contracted master is higher. How much is the electrician's salary in the factory? You replied exactly. I felt sad after reading it! However, they also said that if the electrician works in the factory, his salary will be much lower. However, he didn't say the specific amount. He just said it was possible. There will always be a monthly salary in his early 5000's, and he will eventually be a technician. Compared with working on the construction site, the work in the factory should be relatively easy, so the salary is still OK, and the salary is still good, Besides, it's not easy to find a job with a salary of 5000 at present. Wrong 69 Automatic switching appliances work automatically depending on the change of their own parameters or external signals. Yes, 70 The combination switch can directly start the motor below 5kW. Yes, 71 The single-phase watt hour meter is mainly composed of a convertible aluminum disk and a (a) and a current coil wound on different iron cores respectively. a. Voltage coil B. voltage transformer C. resistance 72 Multimeter is essentially a (a) with rectifier

common methods to judge whether the three-phase asynchronous motor is burnt out. 2. About measurement with a multimeter. 1. First measure the three windings of the three-phase asynchronous motor to see whether there is resistance and whether the resistance value is the same! Generally, the resistance value of the three windings is about the same, and the closer it is, the better. The resistance value of the winding is related to the motor power. Generally, the higher the power is, the smaller the resistance is. The buzzer of the multimeter sometimes rings. 2. The resistance of the multimeter is in the high gear, and then measure whether there is resistance between the winding and the motor housing. In the theory of the central laboratory: the resistance between the winding and the motor housing is close to infinity. He said that he hoped to replace the metal and glass edge on the car with resin, which is good! At least the insulation resistance is 0.5, and the rotation of the lead screw drives more than 1 megohm of photoelectric encoder inside the host! 3、 Use a multimeter and an insulation megger to measure comprehensively. The multimeter measures the interphase resistance and compares it. The insulation megger measures the resistance to ground of any phase and the insulation resistance between phases! Of course, there are many other methods to measure whether the motor is burnt out. The above methods are for the measurement of three-phase asynchronous motor. I hope we can exchange and learn together

Quanzhou LED street lamp cap material creates new benefits. How far can electricians go in the end, or where is the way out for electricians? This topic has lasted for a long time, and a large number of people may also be numb. The short answer is just one word mixed, mixed seniority mixed salary. But what I'm talking about today is that for ordinary people, there are a lot of choices for electricians. PS: how far can an electrician go without those things? Go it alone, the protagonist halo, my site I do, mainly after mastering a few skills, go out and do it alone. As the saying goes, you might as well sell tea eggs! Technology is not high, just enough. From doing household routine maintenance to water and electricity installations, or playing tall and high, you can also do small package projects, building embedding and threading to automatic production line DCS! dear! Remember to try to avoid defaulting on the wages of coolies. a. Not too few B. not more than 3 times/hour C. not too frequent 84 In the insulation inspection of each winding of 380V motor, if the insulation resistance (c) is found, it can be preliminarily judged that the motor is damp, and the motor should be dried and treated

when buying air conditioners for home decoration, always choose whether to buy variable frequency air conditioners or fixed frequency air conditioners. Fixed frequency air conditioner is the most traditional product, and variable frequency air conditioner is a product that has been widely used in recent years, giving the impression that it saves electricity. When you buy, you will have a question or concern. They all say that variable-frequency air conditioners save electricity. Does variable-frequency air conditioners really save electricity? Why does frequency conversion save electricity? Frequency conversion air conditioning is a lot more expensive than ordinary air conditioning. Is it cost-effective? Does frequency conversion air conditioning really save electricity? At first, I didn't understand that I had to buy it. Now I can only pay more electricity bills foolishly! 1、 Let's get familiar with the mechanism of constant frequency and frequency conversion first. 1. After the constant frequency air conditioner is turned on, the compression motor works at a stable frequency. When the temperature set by the remote controller is reached, the motor stops working; When the temperature sensor senses that the room temperature rises more, the compression motor will work at the same frequency again and continue to cycle

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