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The governor of Quebec hinted that the energy East oil pipeline project might threaten local freshwater resources

the governor of Quebec hinted that the energy East oil pipeline project might threaten local freshwater resources

September 21, 2016

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Philippe Couillard, the governor of Quebec, Canada, said in a speech on Tuesday (September 20) that TransCanada's energy East oil pipeline project posed a threat to the province's freshwater resources, At the same time, expressed concern about the risk of crude oil leakage

if the project is completed, Alberta and Saskatchewan can deliver an average of 1.1 million barrels of crude oil per day to the refinery in eastern Canada and the terminal in New Brunswick

the national energy board of Canada (NEB) announced on Friday that three members of the regulatory team volunteered to leave after being complained about a private meeting with Jean Charest, the former governor of Quebec, to discuss the pipeline project last year. After the members of the regulatory team were forced to resign last week, the possibility of establishing the pipeline project of East energy test speed setting fell from 33% to 25%. The prospect of this controversial $15.7 billion pipeline project is getting worse and worse

the Quebec provincial government will soon start the review of the energy East oil pipeline project. Couillard said: "we are aware that crude oil resources need to be able to find a channel to flow into the market, but this does not mean that we will sacrifice the safety of the public and freshwater resources for this."

Tim duboyce, spokesman of HENGJIA group in Montreal, said that the company would take seriously the concerns of the Quebec provincial government

in order to cope with the resistance of energy east project to energy saving, land saving, water saving, material saving and environmental protection of steel structure buildings in the whole life cycle, HENGJIA group has begun to make adjustments to the construction lines, including relevant export terminals. However, Couillard said it was "too early" to discuss whether the route diversion could win public support

dubo sensor yCe said, "the company will continue to communicate with the Quebec provincial government and try its best to solve the relevant problems. 4. The frame 1 of the tensile testing machine must be lubricated."

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