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The 9th IEEE International Conference on advanced video and signal based surveillance (avss2012) was successfully held in Beijing National Convention Center from September 18 to 21. AVSS is a series of IEEE conferences on advanced video and signal monitoring, which have been held in Genoa, Italy, Kingston, the United Kingdom, Miami, Como, Italy, Sydney, Australia and other cities. This AVSS involves theoretical basis, methods, systems and applications. Participants also come from many fields, including academic, industrial and relevant government agencies

the 9th IEEE advanced video and signal monitoring international academic conference was hosted by IEEE, IEEE Computer Society and IEEE signal processing society, and organized by the State Key Laboratory of pattern recognition of the Institute of automation. Researcher Tan Tieniu from the Institute of automation and Professor Rama chellappa from the University of Maryland served as the president of the conference. Professor fatihporikli of Mitsubishi Electric laboratory in the United States, researcher Wang Liang of Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Professor Steve Maybank of University of London in the United Kingdom served as the program chairman. A total of 165 valid submissions were received at this meeting. After the review of 121 reviewers, 29 oral3 were received and all experimental accessories required for the physical experiment of wood-based panels were equipped; And 48 poster papers, the yield of purchasing knowledge of tensile testing machine was 46.7%. More than 100 experts and scholars from China, the United States, Germany, South Korea, France, Australia and other countries and regions attended the meeting

On the morning of the 19th, the opening ceremony opened at the National Conference Center on time, marking the official start of the conference. Wang Liang, chairman of the procedure Committee and researcher of the Institute of automation, delivered a welcome speech and introduced the contributions, review and organization of the conference to the participants in detail. Then the formal invited report and paper report agenda will begin

during the meeting, the participants presented and exchanged full achievements in the form of oral presentation and poster presentation, focusing on sensor and data fusion, detection and recognition, biometrics, data management and human-computer interaction, applications and systems

in addition to the paper report, the conference also includes:

1 Symposium: the 14th IEEE International Workshop on performance evaluation of tracking and surveillance (pets2012)

2 lectures: the topics are: activity recognition for visual surveillance and retail visual analytics: status and challenge; The former mainly introduces the behavior recognition methods that adapt to different scenes and different scales, the recognition methods of different types of multi person behavior, the challenges in the field of behavior recognition and its application in the video surveillance system. The latter analyzes in detail the current situation and challenges of the visual analysis market by showing the application of computer vision in practice

3 specially invited reports: Mohan manubhaitrivedi of the University of California, USA, entitled observangpeople, activities and intentions, introduced the recognition methods of human behavior and the important significance and application of behavior recognition and intention prediction in traffic safety, Brian C. Lovell of the University of Queensland, Australia, showed the achievements of his laboratory in real-time face recognition in crowded scenes in a report entitled distributed real-time face in the crown recognition. Kazuhiko Sumi of Aoyama University, Japan, described in detail the development of human behavior recognition in a report entitled the past, present, and future of human observation

at the dinner on the 20th, the chairman of the conference, researcher Tan Tieniu, welcomed and paid tribute to the participants on behalf of the members of the organizing committee. Subsequently, the chairman of AVSS in 2013 introduced the preparations for the conference and the general situation of Krakow, Poland, where the conference was held. During the dinner, the organizing committee specially arranged performances with Chinese characteristics, including folk music performance, face changing and jujitsu, so that participants could enjoy delicious food and enjoy wonderful Chinese culture

at the closing ceremony, Professor fatihporikli, chairman of the program committee, announced the winners of the three awards and presented awards. The winners were:

best Paper Award: Hang su et al, crown event perception based on spatial temporal visual fluid field

pull the loading switch forward (or backward) Best student paper award: Randolph C. Voorhies et al, neurological Bayesian risk for far range event detection

outstanding Service Award: Zhang man

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