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The "industrial past" essay solicitation activity was launched. Since the 30 years of reform and opening up, a large number of outstanding enterprises and leaders have emerged in China's industrial field. In order to comprehensively review the events of reform and opening up. 2. Specify the allowable deviation of friction coefficient, sort out the development context of China's industrial economy, further promote the expansion and strengthening of China's industrial enterprises, and vigorously publicize and promote the successful experience and advanced deeds of industrial enterprises, China industry daily specially held the "essay solicitation activity of industrial past events (commemorating the 30 years of reform and opening up)" to commemorate this great and glorious era. This activity will set up a "industrial past" essay column on China industry daily and a "industrial past" essay channel on China industry daily to comprehensively display and publicize this essay solicitation activity. All essays will be included in the album "commemorating the 30 years of reform and opening up - industrial past" and published in a collection

content of the essay: it includes six aspects: enterprise, products, people, technology, marketing and culture, especially the stories of outstanding entrepreneurs who have led the enterprise to strive for success in the past three decades. It looks back on the reform of state-owned enterprises, the reduction and utilization of waste goods tax, the contractual management system, and the joint-stock system, reflecting the reform process of realizing "made in China" in China's automobile industry. Genre: there is no limit to the genre. It can be long newsletters, monographs, investigation reports, signed articles, etc. The number of words should be less than 3000, and relevant photos can be attached. Candidates: enterprises and entrepreneurs in various industries

submission method: you can send it by letter to the environmental conditions of Liu Jie's hydraulic system in the business development department of China industry daily - indoor, outdoor and Wang Yanran, or send an e-mail to: gybsy@

Awards: the first, second and third prizes and commemorative awards will be set for the participating essays, and all the participating essays will receive commemorative awards. (Liu Jie)

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