A love letter sent to the Alps door and window sys

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A love letter sent to the Alps door and window system

you say,

flowers bloom outside the window

you can listen to the wind, and you can walk alone freely

you say,

there are old times in the doors and windows,

there is new hope at home

how beautiful the world is, you are the only one I love.

safety, intelligence, Alps door and window system.

after meeting you, I know that this place of peace is my hometown

your Jane, Jane into every line,

your whole, all in every detail,

your emerald, emerald in this nature

because I meet you, I can see your beauty

a touch of lush green,

a quiet depression,

a trace of shallow air,

the beauty of Southeast Asia, the bamboo arrow of Kuaiji,

the beauty of doors and windows, and the Alps in central Guangdong

Alps door and window system,

space is everywhere you can see and look up

since I met you, life is pleasant everywhere

since I met you, the Alps door and window system,

is far away from the noise of the world and precipitates the fetters of thousands of years

is not an old time that cannot be returned,

but a new life within reach

close the swing door and look at the sadness of the rain

close the sliding door and look at the desire of the wind

close the window and look at the cry

close the sunshine room and see the tenderness of the sun

it's very comfortable here. You can only see the warmth of home

after meeting you, all memories become beautiful

when I was kissed by the wind,

soaked by the moonlight and sunshine,

provoked by the typhoon,

you slowly weave our story with doors and windows,

full of the long stream of quiet life

Alps door and window system

makes the beauty of the home bloom at four seasons,

the safety doors and windows that you accompany me all my life,

gives me a safe and comfortable slow life,

now I just want to stand side by side with you,

build a home for love and create a better life





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