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Decoration construction refers to what to do with the decoration company or team. At present, the decoration market is mainly divided into three categories

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decoration construction chapter

decoration construction refers to what to do with the decoration company or team. At present, the decoration market is mainly divided into three categories: 1 Decoration companies that I often hear and see in advertisements (what are the three excellent practical creation, Longfa, etc.); 2、 Some small decoration companies have a small face. Maybe these companies are concentrated in one area, and they may receive more work in a new community, which has certain regional advantages, but they are not famous and have never heard of it at all; 3、 The construction team, without a registered company, is organized by a foreman, who may have a team of more than a dozen people

the first type of company is not recommended. The price is expensive. In fact, there may not be any guarantee for the quality. Even if there is a decoration problem, you can't clear the official company. I won't elaborate on the details, unless you are a villa of hundreds of square meters, and you want to design and make it particularly good, it may be necessary to find such a company

the second kind of companies can consider: first, they are not famous and the price will not be very expensive. Second, they are mainly in a certain region, have the advantage of regional concentration, and have a better understanding of the local environment

the third category is the foreman guerrilla, which is relatively cheap, which is easy to give people the feeling of no quality assurance. This varies from person to person. If we find a decoration team that feels good, the effect may also be good (this one we are looking for this time is OK, the price is cheap, the work is also good, and it is very fast)

the following is a specific introduction:

1 painting the wall

generally, we require light industry auxiliary materials, and do not allow the decoration team to provide wall paint, because they use fake ones, so they can buy them at Nippon, Dulux and other exclusive stores. The price of the decoration team is generally 15-20 yuan/m. The area calculated when painting the wall is not based on the actual wall area, but based on the ground area multiplied by a coefficient of about 3.5, The area of the door and everything is counted as the area of painting the wall. It's more deceiving. There's no way to count it this way. For example, I paved 55m of floor tiles on the ground, and finally the area of painting the wall is counted as 190m. Another is the renovation of old houses, which may require bandaging. Generally, it is 8-15 yuan/m, which is calculated separately

2 laying wall tiles and floor tiles

it's nothing to say. The price of Light Industry auxiliary materials for wall and floor tiles in the decoration team is generally 30-35 yuan/m. According to the actual area of floor tiles (including kitchen and toilet), wall tiles are generally considered as the tiling area of doors and windows, which can't be calculated in this way. Sometimes you can discuss and talk about the price. The price of laying bricks is only for laying common specifications of tiles. If mosaic or special oversized tiles are laid, the wages must be increased, and the price may be increased several times

3 water and electricity transformation

water and electricity transformation is the most expensive project for you, and it is also the most profitable project for the decoration team. It can be said that the decoration team is losing money, so it depends on water and electricity transformation to make money. Decoration will generally deceive you. The water pipe is changed into a concealed pipe, the circuit is modified, and multiple wall sockets are added. The specific water and electricity transformation should be changed according to their own needs. The concealed pipe and circuit can be changed, and the sockets can be added. For convenience and beauty in the future, but we must control the cost well, and we can't completely listen to the decoration. In addition, we should be prepared psychologically. It must be more expensive, and it's not worth it. It will cost thousands of dollars if we don't see what he does, Moreover, the renovation of water and electricity must pay attention to the decorator, because many pipelines, whether water pipes or circuit pipes, are in the wall, and the quality cannot be seen when they are installed, so it is necessary to see what materials he uses when installing, and whether it is the famous brand pipes and famous brand wires he promised. The price of the small decoration team is generally that the decoration team guarantees the line, changing the water pipe by 50-60 yuan/m and changing the wire by 40-50 yuan/m. If you provide the pipe and wire by yourself, it is generally reduced by 5-10 yuan/m

4 toilet waterproofing

as long as the water pipe is changed, the toilet floor is damaged, so it generally needs to be waterproof. They all use Dongfang Yuhong, and I don't know the specific model. I didn't do waterproof this time. The price of the decoration team is generally 60-70 yuan/m, so don't listen to him completely. Generally, the toilet floor is fully paved, the surrounding wall is paved with 30cm high, and the wall that takes a bath is paved with 1.8m

5 demolishing the old

I didn't demolish the old house this time, but I asked about the approximate price. Generally, it's 15-20 yuan/m to shovel the wall and floor tiles, and it's 20-30 yuan/m to demolish the wall. In addition, it should be noted that: first, the above price does not include the garbage removal fee (that is, to find a car to transport the garbage, generally a car of garbage is about 200-250 yuan, a single fee); 2、 If there is no elevator in the old building and the floor is high, there will be additional money, mainly the labor cost of workers transporting garbage from upstairs to downstairs

6 others

(1) skirting line 6-12 yuan/m (skirting line bought by yourself)

(2) gypsum line 10-15 yuan/m (labor and materials)

(3) toilet package riser 100-150 yuan/m

(4) toilet, basin, mirror and other sanitary ware installation 200 yuan; Installation of curtains, lamps, etc. 200 yuan; Patchy drilling and installation matters are 100 yuan. The price of these installation projects should be negotiated in advance, so as to avoid the unreasonable asking price of decoration

(5) carpentry is generally used to make ceiling or cabinet. The specific price is not clear. I don't use carpentry for decoration. Generally, I discuss the price with the decoration team and settle it separately. If the decoration team produces woodworking materials, pay attention to the brand and quality of the big core board, glue, paint, etc

(6) aluminum gusset plate or plastic steel plate on the roof of kitchen and toilet can also be used for decoration, but it is generally not recommended. One is much more expensive than buying by yourself, and the other is that the material is not good





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