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It took about half a year before and after the decoration of Xinwo to roughly complete the basic decoration and simple matching. Compared with the speed of normal people, the front is indeed a little long. It has been almost a month since I moved in, and I took time to take some photos. I also summarized the experience in the decoration process, hoping to provide you with some reference and help. Luxurious decoration effects can be seen everywhere on the Internet. And our home, with gorgeous, luxurious and so on words eye can't touch the edge. Because of traffic and time, most of our goods are purchased in Longgang. There is no so-called fixed style at home, so we give ourselves the title of "mix and match style". Everything is done as we like. Everything in the family is carefully selected by myself and my husband... Low-key, simple, comfortable and warm are the results we hope to achieve

case data:

decoration community: Haichang Tianlan decoration house type: three bedrooms and two halls

decoration area: 136 square meters decoration style: hybrid style

decoration cost: 124000 decoration company: (decoration bidding, decoration map) more beautiful pictures: [Click to view] labor contracting method: half package

first put on a floor plan

the small partition between the upper and lower shoe cabinets can not only be decorated, but also accommodate the keys discarded after entering the door Wallet and so on, quite practical! Among them, the Rattan Baskets for placing sundries were bought on the fourth floor of Xindaxin; Xiaohua was bought in IKEA. We still found many small things in IKEA, but most of them are for storage. This pot of small flowers is one of the few decorative items, hehe





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