Seven problems perplexing the consumption of elect

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Seven problems perplexing the consumption of electric door market

editor: Ronggao door industry

1. Fish in troubled waters. When introducing products, some electric door dealers often say that the raw materials used for their electric doors are grade 1 plates, but in fact, there are differences in the limit standard of formaldehyde emission and the price of plates between the two. If consumers do not understand this, they may let illegal businesses fish in troubled waters. When signing the electric door order contract, consumers should pay attention to the plate grade, hardware brand and model, countertop material and other information of the purchased electric door in detail on the contract

2. Pseudo environmental protection. In order to comply with the trend of green environmental protection, most businesses highlight the safety and cleanliness of electric door materials when they publicize them. However, environmental protection is determined by the raw and auxiliary materials used in the products. At present, China has not carried out sampling inspection on complete sets of electric doors, nor has it issued corresponding standards. In addition, some manufacturers cut corners, which is also easy to cause environmental quality problems

3. Poor performance of hardware. Consumers lack the ability to judge the advantages and disadvantages of hardware, and they also lack sufficient understanding. However, hardware and accessories play an important role in the whole set of electric door materials, which will directly affect the comprehensive quality of electric door and have a great impact on the normal use and "service life" of electric door

4. The production process is not guaranteed. Exquisite production technology is the basic guarantee of high-quality electric doors. Many manufacturers claim to have advanced production lines, but in fact, there may not be first-class craftsmen to strictly control the quality. Therefore, when purchasing electric doors, consumers should not only look at the manufacturing process of electric doors, but also ask the factory address, production equipment and technologists

5. The design of electric door is lack of professionalism. Due to the different sizes of electric doors, whether the design and installation of electric doors are professional or not is particularly important. From the designer's initial door-to-door measurement to the determination of the final plan, we should not only consider the shaping of its overall style, but also pay attention to the rationality of the layout. Every small link should not be neglected

6. Installation and after-sales service are not professional. Many consumers have such experience. The newly decorated kitchen is useless for a few days, the countertop is broken, and the door crack of the cabinet door becomes larger. Such problems come one after another. Let the manufacturer repair, but the problem can never be solved

7. Increase the code layer by layer. Some companies are vague about the price of their products. At first glance, they think the price is reasonable, but there are hidden murders. After the consumer orders, they will increase the price layer by layer during the settlement, and pay extra for some necessary accessories. Therefore, consumers should not only understand the basic configuration, but also get a detailed list when ordering, so as to avoid being "slaughtered" during settlement

therefore, the Consumer Association reminds consumers that when purchasing electric doors, they should pay attention to understanding the production and operation of the manufacturer, whether they have their own professional installation team, whether there is a special service department, etc; Pay attention to verifying the qualifications of merchants, such as foreign brands, and require them to show relevant certificates

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