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When it comes to decoration, people often pay attention to face projects such as spatial pattern and design style, while ignoring the interior project in decoration &mdash& mdash; Concealed works. The so-called concealed works are construction projects that are concealed after decoration and cannot be seen on the surface. According to the decoration process, these concealed works will be covered by the next process, so it is difficult to check whether the materials meet the specifications and whether the construction is standardized. However, concealed works are the foundation of decoration, which is very important for our overall decoration. Although it may not be impressive, we also need to spend our time on it, otherwise it will have a great impact on our normal life in the future

◆ concealed works are not easy to check

the decoration industry has been on the list of consumer complaints for several years, among which the problem of concealed works is particularly prominent, mainly manifested in the substandard main materials and the hidden mystery of price. The most common problem of concealed works is that water leakage and electric leakage occur at home due to improper installation and use

if workers cut corners and simplify the necessary steps in the construction process, the concealed works will easily become hidden danger works after the owner moves in. In the process of home decoration, if the waterproof is ignored, and the sealing treatment is not carried out according to the process requirements when folding corners or changing the secondary bonding of pipes, it is easy to have problems in later use. In addition, if we cut corners in the use of electric copper core wires and use copper core wires with shorter wire diameters, there will also be problems in the safety of electricity use

therefore, insiders suggest that in the acceptance of home decoration, the acceptance should be carried out step by step. In the process of construction, the concealed works should be accepted first, and then check whether the ground wire and open wire of the power socket are connected correctly when the house is closed. Next, it is about the wood part, as well as details such as glass installation and ceramic tile laying

◆ the material selection of water supply pipes is very important.

in the material selection of decoration, the decoration company should be responsible for the owner and use those high-quality decoration materials that conform to the market development trend. For example, water supply pipeline is a very important concealed project. What kind of water pipe to choose determines the quality, hygiene and health of water used in houses. Water supply pipes shall be qualified products with manufacturer's name, brand, specification and model. During the owner's acceptance, it should be noted that the water supply pipe should have exposed threads at its connection. After installation, it should be fixed with pipe clamps in time. The connection between pipes and pipe fittings or valves should be firm without any looseness

for some special cases, special care should be taken to avoid future problems. For example, the pipeline is very long, connecting the kitchen and bathroom, or leading to the balcony, and the pipeline should pass through the living room or room. Since the pipeline is either buried in the wall or laid under the floor, once there is a problem, the consequences are very serious, so there should be no joint in the middle, and the pipe diameter should be appropriately enlarged to avoid blockage. Galvanized iron pipes shall not be used for hot water pipes. In the decoration of family houses, the best way to avoid the leakage of water supply and drainage pipes is to strictly follow the process requirements to ensure the quality of the project

◆ circuit laying safety first

every household's electrical appliances are essential household goods, and electrical circuits are spread throughout the house, so the quality of circuit transformation directly affects people's safety. When laying the circuit, the wires should be colored and threaded. Do not bury the wires directly into the ground or wall, which will leave potential safety hazards

at present, many rooms use concealed lines, so it is difficult for householders to check the construction quality. For the sake of safety and convenient maintenance, the power line should be sleeved outside, and the wires in the sleeve should not have twists and joints. When checking and accepting the circuit, we must pay attention to whether the wires used are brand products and whether the wires meet the standards. Substandard wires have thick skin and thin copper core or thin skin and thick copper core. These two substandard wires have an impact on the current load, resulting in potential safety hazards for the owner in future use

in addition, when checking the circuit engineering, we should also check the closure of the socket. If the original socket is displaced, the displaced part should be treated with moisture-proof and waterproof treatment, and sealed with waterproof tape. At the same time, it is also necessary to check whether the leakage protection switch of the distribution box has lighting, whether there are clear shunts for ordinary sockets, high-power sockets, etc., whether the installation of panel switches is smooth, and test whether the switches are effective, and whether the circuit connectors in the ceiling are also treated with waterproof tape

due to the special function of kitchen and bathroom, it should be considered when laying the circuit. The switches and sockets in the kitchen should not be installed around the gas stove; In addition to installing a socket for the range hood and the refrigerator, one or two sockets should be reserved according to the position of the console, so that the owner can use them when adding kitchen appliances

◆ waterproofing must be in place

waterproofing is also one of the concealed works in home decoration, which is easy to be ignored by the owner, but if the waterproofing works are not done well during decoration, many hidden dangers will be left. When choosing waterproof paint, the places where the paint is used most are the bathroom and kitchen. The waterproof layer should have a certain thickness and good adhesion. In addition, the water avoidance test is a common method to test waterproofing in home decoration. When carrying out the water avoidance test, the foreman needs to confirm the water avoidance time with the owner and the downstairs residents at the same time, then close the drain hole of the room and put the water into the room, and ask the downstairs owner whether there is leakage after 24 hours

if you want to replace the floor tiles in the bathroom, after chiseling off the original floor tiles, you must first level the ground with cement mortar, and then do waterproof treatment. This can avoid leakage caused by uneven thickness of waterproof coating

in addition to checking the waterproof of the bathroom floor, the owner should also check the waterproof of the bathroom wall. When checking the waterproof of the wall, you can first check whether the paint on the wall is uniform and whether there is any omission. The joints between the toilet wall and the ground, as well as the joints between the water supply and drainage pipes and the ground, are the most prone to problems. During the construction, the owner must urge the workers to deal with these corners, and all waterproof coatings must be applied in place





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