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Many parents will decorate the children's room according to their children's preferences. However, the unique functions of the children's room must be taken into account in the Feng Shui layout, so as to seek the support of all kinds of energy through color, lighting, furniture, curtains and decorations, so that children can make progress in learning and have rich imagination when playing, so as to provide a good and comfortable environment for their healthy and happy growth. Then, let's introduce Feng Shui in the decoration of children's room

decoration of children's room feng shui

1. Site selection

the choice of children's room is more important in Feng Shui. In Feng Shui, the orientation of the house symbolizes authority and the position of being the head of the family. It should be better to leave it to adults as bedrooms. If the child sleeps here for a long time, although it can make him make great progress in some aspects, it will also make the child grow old and precocious, and lose the child's inherent innocence, which is not conducive to his learning and growth

2. Beds

when placing beds in children's rooms, in addition to the taboos of adult beds, there are also some areas that need special attention. The child bed cannot be set under the beam, facing the window with strong sunlight, too close to the window or floor to ceiling window, up and down the stove or the bathroom, facing the door, leaning against the toilet, or placing the God seat

3. Windows

when decorating the children's room, it is best not to install floor to ceiling windows in the windows, because floor to ceiling windows will cause people to have a great sense of fear. It is best to install curtains in the windows of the children's room, so that children can use the curtains to block the sound and light outside the window when they sleep. However, during the day, the curtains should be opened to let the bright sunshine and fresh air into the room to supplement the children with a favorable aura

4. Desk

in the decoration of the study, the desk cannot be made of metal. The wooden desk will make children cleaner and closer. The four treasures of the study can be placed on the desk to increase the atmosphere of reading. Placing crystal on the desk can weaken the radiation effect brought by the computer. Its mild magnetic field is conducive to the development of intelligence, so that children can get twice the result with half the effort in reading

5. Decoration

children's room is decorated with the cultivation of children. Don't spend too much on the wall, otherwise it will make children upset and upset. Nor can they decorate monsters with strange shapes, which is easy to make children behave weird. Some pictures of fighting had better not be posted, which is easy to make children have a fighting mentality. Some decorative pictures and artwork pictures can be pasted according to children's hobbies to cultivate children's artistic cells and appreciation. At the same time, you can also post some landscape paintings to cultivate an open and quiet mind

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