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Characteristics and requirements of large workpiece processing

looking at these emerging industries, we find that their typical products have a common feature, that is, large-scale. From the perspective of processing, workpieces are generally heavy and super heavy, and there are still some challenging problems to be solved. The size of workpieces exceeds the processing range of the original machine tools. Large workpiece processing belongs to the category of extreme manufacturing, which puts forward many new requirements for machine tool structure, processing technology, on-site management and so on. Moreover, we should see that these industries have extremely high requirements for reliability. Safety issues are related to the well-being of people's lives and the protection of the environment, and there should be no mistakes. In addition, the large workpiece itself is invaluable, and the scrap rate in the processing process must be strictly controlled

for large workpiece processing, the machine tool workbench is generally 2000mm × Above 2000mm, output power to Weston? 705 is also licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to use less than 40kW; Because the workpiece is large and heavy, most machine tools adopt the moving column structure, implement the logistics "Green Plan", and try not to move the processed workpiece, and adopt the composite processing technology to reduce the number of card loading and ensure the accuracy and consistency of processing; Large workpieces are equipped with dust rings, and the metal removal rate is generally very high. The machine tool is required to have large torque, high speed and high feed rate

metal removal rate in large workpiece processing puts forward new requirements for cutting tools, which are generally not met by cemented carbide cutting tools and high-speed steel cutting tools. The tool made by powder metallurgy process can combine the best performance of these two tools and cut metal materials faster

another challenge faced by processing large workpieces is how to verify the processing results. Conventional measuring equipment cannot meet its requirements. Usually, a portable contact measurement system is used, which is equipped with a small laser reflector, which can move back and forth on the workpiece and feed back the collected dimensional data to the measuring machine for analysis. The measuring range is as high as tens of meters, which is very convenient to use

the on-site management in the processing of large workpieces is also very special. First of all, the handling of workpieces in the factory should be considered. Large forklifts and crown block should be equipped, and the process should be reasonably arranged to minimize the handling times. Since most of the measurement and machine tool commissioning work is completed on a large workbench, the machine tool operation must have safety protection devices and control systems to ensure the safety of operators. (end)

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