The hottest NYMEX crude oil closed, and the crude

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(NYMEX crude oil closing) crude oil production capacity recovery in the Gulf of Mexico crude oil fell

(NYMEX crude oil closing) crude oil production capacity recovery in the Gulf of Mexico crude oil fell

October 8, 2013

[China paint information] due to the weakening of the hurricane, many oil companies resumed production, coupled with no progress in the U.S. budget dispute, the end of the government shutdown is far away. In addition, the government shutdown continues to make the market worried that the United States may default on its debt, which is expected to bring further pressure on oil prices. The crude oil market closed lower on Monday. NYMEX crude oil futures fell $0.78, or 0.74%, to close at $103.06 a barrel

trend description on Monday (October 7):

during the Asian period, crude oil prices narrowed at $103.30. In early European trading, crude oil prices began to decline, but rebounded in the session. At the beginning of the New York session, crude oil prices suddenly fell sharply, but soon rose again, and then maintained a volatile situation, and finally closed near $103.30

nymex crude oil futures peaked at $103.70 per barrel and fell as low as $101.86 per barrel, down $0.78 to close at $103.06 per barrel, down 0.74%

1. Data released by the Federal Reserve (FED) on Monday (October 7) showed that consumer credit growth in the United States in August was higher than expected, but credit card use fell for the third consecutive month, consistent with the recent mild trend of consumer spending. The United States should clamp the sample symmetrically with its jaws as required. Federal Reserve data showed that consumer credit increased by $13.63 billion to $3.04 trillion in August

1. Companies including chevron Corp and BP have brought employees back to the operating platform. Previously, hurricane Kate shut down some of the oil operations of these companies in China's plastic machinery market, and when the hurricane weakened, these companies resumed production

cooling device:

2 John Boehner, speaker of the US House of Representatives, said on Sunday that the house of Representatives would not pass the budget bill without conditions attached, and Obama would not budge

Frank Klumpp, an analyst at Landesbank Baden Wuerttemberg (lbbw), said, "when we were worried about hurricanes and the decline in supply in the Gulf of Mexico, oil prices rose, and now these concerns have gradually subsided, and oil prices have also declined. The oil market will continue to have sufficient supply in the future, and oil price fluctuations are largely due to supply."

Robin mills, head of manaar energy consulting, said, "the current signal is bad for the oil market. The economic signal in the United States is very bad."

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