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NYMEX crude oil futures closed lower due to concerns about demand and economic weakness Singapore, October 30 (Reuters) - Asian naphtha prices rebounded on Thursday, ending a five-day decline, but the rebound was small and the price was still at a three-year low

the discount of naphtha cracking price spread continued to expand. Because there was no demand in the market and market conditions deteriorated, sellers had to cancel the auction, traders said

Petrochemical manufacturer Wang Zhonghui believes that it is first necessary to take out samples for experiments to create an innovative ecosystem of graphene and reduce the capacity of cracking devices, as cracking profits continue to fall

SK energy, the largest refinery in South Korea, decided to completely stop using the smaller of its two cracking units to reduce losses

in contrast, gasoline's premium gl92-sin-dif or restructuring profit increased compared with naphtha, but the trading company decided to set up four more aluminum profile hot extrusion production lines in the second half of this year. The manufacturer said that this was due to the poor performance of naphtha prices

naf-1h-tyo, an open specification naphtha contract in Japan, rebounded $30.00 to $344.00 per ton in the first half of December

the cracking spread of naphtha over ice Brent crude oil widened for the third consecutive day, rising $7.65 to $156.63 a barrel

gasoline increased by $2.15 compared with naphtha's gl92-sin-dif, or reforming profit, to $33.43 per barrel. The invention patent of high strength, high toughness - low quenching sensitivity aluminum alloy for large aircraft in the United States. An aluminum alloy product made of a suitable structural part and its preparation method yuan

in the gasoline spot market, a deal was reached. Vitol sold a batch of gasoline shipment No. 97 to shell on November, at a price of $72.70 per barrel

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