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before talking about the application of nylon adhesion enhancer, the hydraulic universal testing machine produced by Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. can detect all kinds of raw materials. We must first understand what the role of adhesion enhancer is and why it is so widely used

adhesion enhancers are widely used in nylon, PP, metals (stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, etc.) and other plastic substrates. Their role is to improve the adhesion between paint coating and substrate, so as to solve the problem of paint falling out during coating

it is a kind of high molecular polymer adhesion treatment agent, which has special effect on the anti falling property of coatings. With wide solubility, it can improve the adhesion of a variety of coating systems, such as UV varnish, PU varnish, plastic paint, metal baking paint, common color paint, rubber paint, etc., especially suitable for oily coatings to improve adhesion and toughness

nylon adhesion enhancer js-103 is an adhesion treatment agent developed by Dongguan Jisheng treatment agent for nylon and its fiberglass materials. Its principle of action is to dissolve and swell the nylon surface through solvent. Half of the special polymer nylon resin is embedded in the nylon material, and the other half is exposed and combined with the paint coating. Through special polar functional groups, the interlayer adhesion between the substrate and the paint is improved, So as to solve the problem of paint falling off in adhesion test

in addition, its halogen-free environmental protection characteristics also conform to the environmental protection needs of modern industrial production, and it does not contain halogen. The technical requirements of the No. 2 inspection item are on August 25th, and it has good functional effects for different paint systems and nylon series materials such as PA6, PA66, PA12, etc. if the construction conditions are limited, it can be wet sprayed, which also has efficient adhesion performance and does not affect the yield

Internal surface should be polished

nylon adhesion enhancer application:

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