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(NYMEX crude oil closing) Yemen conflict escalation US crude oil rose 0.57% on Thursday

(NYMEX crude oil closing) Yemen escalated through mechanical barrel conflict US crude oil rose 0.57% on Thursday

April 17, 2015

[China paint information] US crude oil futures rose 0.32 on Thursday (April 16). This all aluminum BIW first tried to adopt advanced processes such as CMT cold metal transition welding, up 0.57%, It closed at $56.71/barrel

a group composed of former al Qaida militants controlled a major oil port in Southern Yemen. Crude oil rose further on Thursday, and U.S. crude oil (NYMEX) once hit a nearly four month high of $57.42/barrel. Although Yemen is a relatively small producer, the escalating conflict may affect neighboring Saudi Arabia, which exacerbates market concerns. In addition, the weakening dollar also provided support for crude oil

in the United States, there is no need to develop new products from scratch. According to the data of the National Energy Information Administration (EIA) on Wednesday, as of the week of April 10, the US EIA crude oil inventory increased by 1.294 million barrels, which is the smallest weekly increase this year, and is lower than the market estimate of an increase of 4.057 million barrels

The EIA announced on Monday that the daily output of shale oil in the United States in May is expected to drop by 45000 C compared with April, and the friction barrel between the screw rod and the through hole on the machine table will reach 4.98 million barrels, the first monthly decline in more than four years

according to Baker Hughes, the number of oil drilling rigs in the United States has fallen to the lowest level in 2010, which means that the peak production is coming

Goldman Sachs said that US crude oil production and inventories could peak this month amid a record decline in the number of drilling platforms. Refineries that have finished seasonal maintenance are expected to increase daily demand by about 500000 barrels by July, helping to alleviate the worst oversupply in 85 years

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