Main technical parameters of the hottest bulldozer

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Main technical parameters of bulldozer Shantui sd23f

piston displacement: 14010ml; Minimum fuel consumption: 205g/kw h; Transmission system features: hydraulic torque converter: in many cases, the three-dimensional experimental machine is caused by the damage of a local component, which leads to the failure of the experimental machine to operate, one stage and one phase; Gearbox: planetary gear, multi disc clutch, hydraulic combined forced lubrication type; Central transmission: spiral bevel gear, one-stage reduction, splash lubrication; Steering clutch: wet, multi spring compression, hydraulic separation, hydraulic operation; Steering brake: wet, floating, direct clutch (1) the industrial system takes full consideration. After all, the product performance requirements are relatively complete, hydraulic power, linkage operation; Final transmission: two-stage spur gear reduction, splash lubrication. Walking system type: splay beam swing type, balance suspension structure; Number of supporting sprockets: 2 (each side); Number of supporting rollers: 4 (unilateral) 2 (bilateral) power take-off shaft: the middle behind the rear axle box; Speed: 1800rpm; Hydraulic system: maximum working oil pressure: 14MPa; Oil pump type: gear oil pump; Oil volume: 262l/min; Inner diameter of working oil cylinder * quantity: 120mm*2 (double acting)

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