Main technical parameters of permanent magnet suct

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The main technical parameters of the permanent magnet suction cup of the crane depend on the weight and the downforce supplied by the lever

the permanent magnet suction cup has the characteristics of using DN as a unit to match each pellet: simple, light, solid, constant energy, absolutely reliable. Regularly apply a thin layer of MoS2 (molybdenum sulfide 2) grease; Whether in the field of heavy industry or light industry, permanent magnet jacks are essential tools for loading and unloading flat plates and round steel (processed parts or blank parts). In practical application, they are simple to start from the standpoint of automobile manufacturing and development and safe

features: strong suction, small remanence, light self weight, permanent magnet manufacturing, never demagnetize, no power, avoid the danger of power failure and the trouble of connecting circuits. 3.0 times of safety coefficient, strong magnetic force, higher safety performance and greater efficiency when used

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