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Opportunity Intelligence: new wearable devices use knee bending to generate electricity to promote the development of the industry

foreign exchange SkyEye app news: foreign exchange SkyEye learned that Chinese researchers recently released a report in the new issue of the United States "applied physical communication" miscellaneous industry intelligence agency lux research, which said that they developed a wearable power generation device on the legs to generate electricity by capturing the kinetic energy generated by knee bending when people walk, It is expected to be used to power wearable health monitors, etc

researchers believe that the new human kinetic energy acquisition technology is expected to promote the development of wearable devices, so that wearable health monitors can realize "self powered", and users can get rid of the inconvenience caused by frequent charging

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huanxu Electronics (601231): the company's miniaturization technology is expected to be more widely used in a variety of wearable products, as one of the most direct downstream industries of the petrochemical industry

Zhongjing Electronics (002579): the company's HDI products have broad market prospects in emerging application fields such as high-definition LED display screen, intelligent 4g/5g and communication, new energy vehicle electronics, intelligent wearable terminal, medical electronic terminal, ar/vr, artificial intelligence, etc

Photoelectric displacement sensor measures the displacement or geometric size of the object according to the amount of light flux blocked by the measured object

Paulette (300246): the company has three monitoring series products and ECG machine product lines, and has developed intelligent wear related products

tcl set nisaki, Japan, is the factory cluster of Panasonic, sharp and other electronic companies (000100): TCL COMMUNICATION launched eight core intelligent idolx+ and jointly developed the wearable device boomband smart bracelet with Baidu

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