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Overview of digital publishing: 2012 has entered a growth period

at the 2012 China digital publishing annual conference, content parties such as China Education Publishing and media group, China Science and Technology Publishing and media group, technology parties such as Fang Zhi and Peking University Founder, and platform parties such as Chinese and Longyuan digital media company all expressed their views on digital publishing in the new era. Under the theme that they must pay more attention to the new development, new measures and new expectations of the original innovation ability, their common ground is that they are full of hope for the development of China's digital publishing

new technologies

new technologies emerge one after another, and new companies pour in

in 2011, China's digital publishing technology has developed rapidly, including cross platform reading technology, structured layout technology, MPR technology, digital copyright protection technology, content structure processing technology, cloud publishing service technology and other key technologies of digital publishing, which have made breakthroughs and played a role in promoting industrial upgrading

cloud computing technology is a hot topic for technology companies. In 2011, this key technology has also been applied in the field of digital publishing. On August 29, 2011, the cloud computing center of Tianjin national digital publishing base was officially put into operation. During the same period, tongfangzhi, Peking University Founder and other technology companies proposed cloud publishing solutions for the current situation. The process of transforming cloud computing technology from technology to commercial application will expand in all fields of society and change the traditional business model and service model. Liu Changming, general manager of digital publishing business department of Beijing Founder Electronics Co., Ltd., said

some technology companies that previously worked in other industries began to enter digital publishing, such as browser manufacturers. According to zhushunyan, chief operating officer of Youshi company, in the mobile era, browser and Apple's app store are both important content and software distribution platforms

more companies are pouring in, which are committed to providing technical solutions for traditional publishing houses. They try to use their technical advantages to provide readers with a better reading experience. Digital reading should not be an extension of traditional reading. If the current iPad does not only let us hold it in our hands like traditional magazines, but should be able to stir up the sensory nerves of readers and contain more things, this is a new media revolution. Liu Cheng, vice president of Ruitai technology group, said at the annual meeting of digital publishing

with the rapid development of digital publishing technology in China, how to successfully develop and commercialize core technologies will be the focus of technology companies in the future

new platform

communication channels are becoming more and more perfect and powerful

as of 2012, more and more consumers hope that medium-sized cars have interior performance comparable to larger luxury cars. China's domestic digital content delivery platforms have formed five major platforms, including telecom operators, technical services, literary creation, Internet portals or information services, and e-commerce. It can be said that the main platform types of digital publishing have been included. As the first professional digital publishing cloud operator in China, zhongqichuang provides proprietary technology and platform for the industry in the field of digital publishing, and opens a new strategy for the development of China's digital publishing industry

Longyuan digital media group is committed to building the concept of platform group. The implementation of platform makes it convenient for readers to find all kinds of favorite magazines on the platform. Tang Chao, chairman of Longyuan digital media group, said that no matter how good the circulation of traditional journals and how influential they are, they are easy to be overwhelmed by miscellaneous information in the era of mobile Internet. Therefore, the journal content platform can gather independent magazines into a forest and provide rich services for every reader

in addition to the digital publishing cloud service platform and group platform, professional publishers such as China children's Publishing Corporation are currently establishing an e-book production platform and will soon complete the construction of the first phase of children's happy reading platform. In the next step, in addition to actively promoting the construction of the second phase of the children's happy reading platform, the China Youth Federation will also start to build a cross terminal digital publishing platform to achieve full media and multi-media composite publishing

knowledge services and platform construction are the key to digital publishing, but to provide knowledge services, we must establish a digital publishing platform. Digital publishing, platform is king. Building a digital publishing platform is the need of transforming from a content provider to an information service provider. Liu Chengyong, deputy director of the Information Center (Internet publishing monitoring center) of the General Administration of publishing, concluded

new content

future digital publishing looks forward to fine products

content is the soul of digital publications, and the digital publishing industry is the content industry. With the development of digital publishing industry, the importance of content has become more prominent

compared with the traditional publishing industry, digital publishing pays more attention to the needs of readers, and content meeting the needs of readers has become one of the key topics of the participating companies. The particularity of digital publishing allows readers to have more flexible autonomy in the choice of content, which also requires content providers to attract readers through continuous innovation. What do people really like to buy? Yes 12) cut off the power information itself. You can't sell without creativity, innovation and real content. This is a very important feature of the digital publishing industry. Said Zheng Zhudong, general manager of aerospace Digital Media Co., Ltd. At the same time, lixueqian, President of the China Youth Federation, also believes that publishing houses are suppliers of children's books and should meet children's readers' complex reading needs or diverse reading needs

Zheng Zhudong also said that in the era of traditional digital publishing with deformation units of mm, cm and inch, it is actually a mode of paper book moving, which only puts the paper book content on the digital platform or terminal. The subsequent emergence of the literature station allows everyone to become a content provider through the network platform, which also brings about the consequences of shoddy content flooding all kinds of electronic publications. With the development of digital publishing industry, our concept should also be updated. We call for more excellent content. Zheng Zhudong said that the accumulation of content resources is the basis for the development of digital publishing business. Without foundation, precipitation and history, it is impossible to create good things

in order to create high-quality reading, Chinese also launched a high-quality strategy of cultivating talents, focusing on content and building a platform during the annual digital publishing conference. By establishing a writing training camp for young writers, we cultivate excellent talents, establish cooperative relations with well-known publishing institutions and writers, and cooperate with operators, video companies and game companies to build the most powerful communication channels to ensure the quality of digital publishing content

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