Hottest packaging design and material handling III

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Packaging design and material handling III

environmental or potential environmental impact. Logistics packaging

since 1900, American transportation operators, truck associations and railway associations have tried to formulate unified regulations for logistics packaging. Logistics packaging has many types of raw materials, from traditional cardboard to plastic products with high plasticity. First of all, we start from the traditional packaging options:

types of packaging

except for the initial cardboard boxes, Other traditional packaging materials include: Canvas

bag, steel barrel, blanket barrel, etc. New choices include low-density plastic films, bags and fences, high-density plastic boxes and barrels

characteristics of various logistics packaging

n low density plastic film

its main function is to shrink packages, reduce the accumulation of cartons, fix goods, and mainly reduce the waste of material disposal

nbags and fences

are mainly used for a large number of products or products that are easy to loosen. This packaging method is quite convenient and flexible, but it is quite weak relative to the protection of goods

n high density plastic boxes and barrels

they provide hard and solid products for the purchase of tensile testing machines, which are experimental products. Their main uses and functions are similar to the U.S. falex6

emerging packaging technology

with the change of the environment, logistics packaging also changes with each passing day. The new packaging technology mainly extends the concept of the traditional packaging method. The different methods are: first, they are customized for special equipment and products. Second, their design direction is to minimize waste on packaging

n film based packaging


the film based packaging system can be operated automatically, reducing the labor cost of manually packing products

increase stability, reduce the space for placing objects, and increase the strength of impact

suitable product types include: kitchen cabinets, cans, bottles... Etc. 30 years ago

products that are not suitable: for example, irregular items such as chairs

n blanket packaging method

advantages: reduce the waste of packaging materials. The transported cubes are reduced to a minimum. The product is easy to uncover

suitable for: sofa, office furniture... Etc

n recyclable containers

recyclable racks and packaging are widely used in the automation industry between supplier combinations and assembly plants

suitable for: beverage bottles, small barrels... Etc

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