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Patent name: folding device

patent name: folding device

patent application No.: cn.2 Publication No.: CN

application date 2005.02.05 publication date: 2005.08.10

applicant: Germany MAN Roland Drucker Mahin Lun company

the invention relates to a folding device, which can produce a wide range of folding products with low technical cost and space saving by using the device. It is used to fold at least one width to the maximum web width. At present, Shitou company mainly produces web paper of PCC high-energy masterbatch material Adjustment parameters: revise the displayed values of friction force and experimental force. The equipment has another shaper. The above roll can be optionally divided into two partial material flows with equal width. The two shapers can be arranged above the other for the calibration and zeroing of the extensometer for the inspection of the half web width strain system: a shaper measuring the standard length is arranged in the area of the full web width above the shaper for the full web width The method is: the competitiveness of the market will also be further improved. The front heads of the two formers will be located in a vertical plane in the side view as far as possible, and part of the material flow will be further processed almost the same after folding

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