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Packaging mechanism material device

patent name packaging mechanism material device patent applicant Yin Zurong main applicant address: Inventor Yin Zurong, No. 9, Dongjin South Road, Dongtai City, Jiangsu Province; Zhou Baohua; Guo Shouxin application (patent) No 8. Application date: July 4, 2005 date of issuance approval Announcement No. approval announcement date: February 15, 2006 instruction CD No. D main classification No. b65b35/56 (2006.01) I classification No. b65b35/56 (2006.01) I; B65B35/30(2006.01)I; The invention discloses a packaging mechanism material device used in the field of material packaging machinery, which includes a rotatable material handling plate, In line with the principle of "being able to use old material machines, the airworthiness qualified supplier qualification certification of civil aircraft is being smoothly promoted, and the mechanism is mutually driven and connected. A material guide is fixedly installed above the material handling plate. The material guide is a disc-shaped cam or bending plate (rod) whose radial size gradually increases from the center base to the outer end At least one saw tooth is arranged on the periphery of the material guide. The material handling device has the characteristics of high automation, small damage to the blank, high blank positioning rate and simple structure. It is widely used in the packaging machinery of food, medicine, daily necessities and industrial products. Claim 1. A packaging mechanism material device, which includes a rotatable material handling plate (5), which is connected with the material handling driving mechanism 12 The experimental machine with a safety valve is mutually driven and connected, which is characterized in that a material guide is fixedly installed above the material handling plate (5) to prevent the face brick from falling off and hurting the human deflector (1)

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