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The overall recovery of titanium industry in 2018

in 2018, the titanium market showed the characteristics of high opening and low going. The price in the first quarter was the highest in the whole year, and then fell slowly, and the price at the end of the year was the lowest in the whole year. At the beginning of the first quarter, the decline of the titanium market at the end of 2017 was eased, and began to rebound slightly at the end of the first quarter, with a rebound range of 20-50 yuan/ton. After entering the second quarter, due to the rapid growth of supply, titanium ore prices fell, and the downward trend continued until the end of 2018

according to ruidao data, at the end of 2018, the average price of titanium ore fell by about 150 yuan/ton compared with the beginning of the year. In addition, compared with the market of the previous two years, another feature of the titanium market in 2018 is that the volatility is small. According to ruidao data, in 2016, the difference between the highest and lowest prices of mainstream titanium ores was close to 1000 yuan/ton, and in 2017 it was about 700 yuan/ton; In 2018, it was about 250 yuan/ton. The relative stability of raw material prices is conducive to the healthy development of the industry

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from the perspective of supply and demand, the supply and demand of the titanium market increased in 2018, and the growth rate of the supply side was greater than that of the demand side. The titanium inventory increased significantly in 2018. From the perspective of supply structure, it is expected that the number of imported titanium ores in 2018 will be basically the same as that in 2017, and the supply increment will mainly come from the domestic part. The growth of domestic titanium ore mainly comes from Sichuan and Xinjiang. Among them, the output of Panzhihua region in Sichuan has decreased due to environmental factors, but the degree of impact in 2018 is significantly weaker than that in 2017; The increase in titanium production in Xinjiang is due to the newly launched mine projects in 2018. According to the preliminary statistics of ruidao, the supply of titanium ore in 2018 was about 5% more than the demand. In the case of excess total supply, users' freedom of choice increases, and some low-quality imported titanium ores are difficult to obtain customer orders, resulting in obvious market crowding out effect

from the market performance at the end of 2018, some titanium mining enterprises have deliberately controlled the import volume and output. In terms of imported titanium ore, bass resources will reduce the supply of titanium ore in the Chinese market in 2019, followed by; Domestically, due to the sharp decline in the price of vanadic ilmenite in Panzhihua and the "blue guarantee" measures launched by the local government, some local mines will reduce or stop production on New Year's Day 2019, and the enterprises that have stopped production also plan to postpone the resumption of production after the Spring Festival. It can be predicted that the domestic titanium ore supply side will decline in January 2019, which will be conducive to the maintenance of market prices

in 2018, the sponge titanium market continued to maintain a good boom in 2017. It is expected that the growth rate of domestic sponge titanium production may reach more than 7% in 2018, and while the production increases, the price will continue to remain at a relatively high level. It can be seen from the price trend chart that the price of sponge titanium in 2018 was on the rise throughout the year, and this momentum is expected to continue until the first quarter of 2019

in the first half of 2018, the price of titanium sponge rose relatively steadily, but after entering the third quarter, due to environmental factors, the output of titanium tetrachloride decreased and the price rose, which accelerated the rise of the price of titanium sponge. Different from the price fluctuations of previous years, the price of sponge titanium did not rise and fall in the second half of 2018, which was mainly due to the decline in the production of sponge titanium due to the insufficient supply of raw materials. After the substantial rise in the price of titanium sponge in previous years, the operating rate of titanium sponge enterprises also increased, resulting in oversupply in the market, and the price fell rapidly. It is difficult for the market to last for more than 3 months in the whole cycle. After the price rise in 2018, due to the limited production of sponge titanium, its price continued to operate at a high level for a long time. However, some people in the industry did not notice this new situation, and still used previous wrong experience to believe that this price increase will also fall back soon. The author believes that before the normal supply of titanium tetrachloride or the expansion of chlorination capacity of sponge titanium enterprises, the price of sponge titanium will still maintain the high level of food packaging enterprises accounting for about 1/3 of all packaging industry enterprises

in fact, the main reason for the rise in sponge titanium prices in 2018 was driven by costs. The demand side also improved after July, which laid the upward trend of prices in 2018. At the beginning of 2018, when the price of titanium tetrachloride began to rise, sponge titanium enterprises did not have enough cost transfer capacity. It was not until March 2018 that sponge titanium enterprises began to try to offset the cost pressure by raising prices

in 2018, the long-term high price of sponge titanium also made people feel that the sponge titanium market was hot, but in fact, the profitability of sponge titanium enterprises in 2018 was slightly better than that in 2017, but the increase was limited. The main reason is the sharp rise in the cost of raw materials. In addition to titanium tetrachloride, in 2018, the price of magnesium ingots also saw a significant rise in the plastic film blowing machine industry, which kept up with the pace of the times. This led to the increase in the price of sponge titanium being offset by the increase in the price of raw materials, and the increase in the actual profit space was limited. On the other hand, the affordability of the downstream market also restricts the price of sponge titanium. In the second half of 2018, the domestic titanium market improved, but the price increase was relatively slow, unable to bear the high price of sponge titanium, which constrained the increase of sponge titanium price to a certain extent

the trend of increasingly stringent environmental protection standards will be irreversible, which will lead to the domestic supply of titanium tetrachloride approaching to become the norm. In view of this, at present, Zunyi Titanium Industry is gradually restoring the production capacity of titanium tetrachloride, and several other new sponge titanium projects are also full process projects. Relying on enterprises to ensure the supply of titanium tetrachloride has become the development direction. When these projects are officially put into operation, the supply bottleneck of sponge titanium will be broken through. At that time, how to maintain the balance between supply and demand in the sponge titanium market may become a new topic

in addition to the titanium tetrachloride industry, the titanium processing industry also received "attention" from the environmental protection inspection in 2018. Different from most people's cognition, the titanium processing industry has not only been affected by environmental protection inspection, but also its degree of influence was quite deep. Of course, there are many reasons for this, but it also reminds people in the industry that being environmentally friendly is the premise for the healthy and long-term development of any industry, and we cannot stay out of it because of the small amount of pollution. The environmental protection inspection in Shaanxi in 2018 is only the beginning. Local governments and enterprises need to enhance their awareness of environmental protection. If they do not change their ideas and still deal with it in a way that solves the problem, they will suffer again in the future. Perhaps the titanium dioxide industry can provide some lessons for this problem. Since 2016, the titanium dioxide industry has been affected by environmental factors, which was the most profound in 2017. The total output of the industry was restricted by environmental factors, reducing by more than 10%. In 2018, some enterprises completed the upgrading of environmental protection facilities one after another, and the impact on the subsequent environmental protection inspection was significantly reduced. However, some enterprises with unfavorable environmental protection facilities continued to be limited in production, and their output further decreased, with a trend of being excluded from the market. In view of the heavy economic burden of some small enterprises to establish environmental protection facilities alone, it is necessary for the local government to assist enterprises to establish a unified sewage system. It may take some time to build a new park, but it is better to be late than never

in 2018, the titanium industry also ushered in a year of comprehensive recovery. Large new projects continue to emerge, and many regional governments across the country have also established industrial bases to strive to occupy the highland of this new material field and complete regional industrial upgrading. In the sponge titanium industry, Panzhihua Iron and steel sponge titanium plant has completed the expansion and transformation, Zunyi Titanium Industry has successfully relocated as a whole, the construction of Shuangrui Wanji new project has been completed and partially put into production, and the completion and preliminary trial production of two new sponge titanium plants in Sichuan and Xinjiang have made the industry enter the expansion period again after 2012. In the titanium industry, Panzhihua, Yunnan, Chongqing, Henan and other places are building new titanium industry bases. Among them, Panzhihua mainly introduces titanium processing enterprises, and strives to make up the last "Puzzle" in the industrial chain by relying on the advantages of local mineral resources and sponge titanium origin. Based on the advantages of local non-ferrous metal processing industry, especially in mining, the Yunnan provincial government vigorously supports the development of titanium industry in Chuxiong Prefecture and promotes a new industrial ecosystem characterized by green development. Based on the introduction of talents, technology and funds, Chongqing strives to build a domestic high-end aviation titanium alloy R & D and manufacturing center by relying on the initially formed local industrial cluster of "Transportation Aviation + general aviation, helicopter + fixed wing + UAV, manufacturing + operation + service". Luoyang Municipal Government of Henan Province launched six new policies, focusing on effectively attracting talents and social capital, paving the way for the introduction of talents, and striving to build the titanium Valley in the Central Plains. It can be said that after the trough and dormancy of the past five years, China's titanium industry recovered strongly in 2018, the production capacity of sponge titanium expanded again, and the investment in high-end titanium projects continued to increase. With the construction of new projects, a new round of investment in capital, technology and talents will accelerate a new round of industrial upgrading. In the future, the pattern of China's titanium industry will face new changes

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