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Paint container + rolling tray

group 4 - United States

sherwin Williams - United States

group 4 and Sherwin Williams' ready to roll series products combine paint container and a well-designed rolling tray into a convenient package, which is clean, sealed and can recover solution. Almost every part of this new container can reflect innovative characteristics. When they are combined, it can reflect a great change when planning and implementing DIY spraying scheme. The combination of coating and rolling tray is a unique design "Weggs is an unparalleled innovation in opening up a strong market for polyketones - it reduces the need for paint transfer with a separate tray, reduces splashing losses, and saves paint and time. The carefully designed tray itself has drainage holes; the roller frame can ensure that the paint does not overflow in the barrel, and makes the paint spraying process more effective. In practical application, the integrated injection nozzle and built-in paint can well ensure All the paint can be used and guided to an attached container, and there will be no paint flowing down like traditional paint cans

in a typical paint spraying project, the overall size, volume and shape of ready to roll can properly reflect its use, transportation, treatment and preservation of paint. The injection molded container is stable and compact, will not roll in the trunk of the car, and is stable, reliable and easy to carry. It includes a large, comfortable carrying handle with grooves at the bottom for easy pouring of paint. The design of the lid and bottom shape of the container is suitable for shipping and retail placement. The square shape increases the opportunity for consumers to understand and gives people a neat image on the shelf. The same importance of design lies in innovation, resealable spray cans and the shape of packaging suitable for the application of standard paint mixing tools, through which retailers can match a full range of colors

ready to roll is a trademark of Sherwin will's initial group, which released the jam time and road section IAMS during the festival

information source: packaging Expo

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