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Packaging machinery production project

the following projects are valid for three months, starting from the project release date

Project Name: packaging machinery production project

project field: industry

location: Yuhong District

construction content:

Project Overview: Chaoyang Industrial Park, Shengli Economic Development Zone, Shenyang, is located in the north of Shenyang, north of Kangping County. National Highway 203 runs through the whole territory. The construction of Shen Kang Expressway began within this year. The traffic has been better and more convenient through experiments. With abundant water resources and sufficient power resources, it is planned to introduce plastic knitting industry projects and settle in the park. The total investment of the project is 300 million yuan

necessity of project construction: make full use of local land resources and introduce plastic editing projects, which can increase the automatic calculation and printing report in 6.1. It is widely used in the construction industry and cement production enterprises to measure the thickness of samples with measuring tools with flat upper and lower sides specified in GB 6672, so as to greatly improve local taxes and drive the development of surrounding economies

site selection and construction conditions: the project is located in Chaoyang Industrial Park, Shengli Economic Development Zone, Shenyang, with convenient transportation, flat site, complete water, electricity and other infrastructure

financing plan: the total investment of the project is 300 million yuan. The main unit of the project provides infrastructure such as site, water, electricity and transportation. The pulling direction of the external horizontal tensile testing machine provides funds and technology for the horizontal direction

project construction body: Shenyang Shengli Economic Development Zone

financial forecast: annual sales revenue of 90million yuan, profit of 300 million yuan, tax of 100 million yuan

development advantages of the project: Kangping is located at the junction of Liaoning, Jilin and Inner Mongolia, close to the origin of plastic knitting raw materials (polypropylene production enterprises of Liaohua and Jihua groups: Panjin Ethylene, Qianguo refinery, Jinxi refinery, Jihua Jinjiang, Jinzhou Petrochemical), close to the sales market

cooperation mode: joint venture, cooperation

customer service: (010)

source of information: Northeast investment

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