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Dongxing oil tank solenoid valve manufacturer [Mairui machinery]

Dongxing oil tank solenoid valve manufacturer [Mairui machinery]

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production 1 The whole day of the experimental machine instruments can be divided into spindle, spindle seat, spindle support, workbench, operation panel, equipment underframe, strength plate The product models of Ningbo Fenghua Mairui Machinery Co., Ltd., a major group of finished product brands such as weak current plate, are complete. The production city is Zhejiang and the shipment city is Ningbo. The total supply is 999999. The minimum starting order is 1 product unit price and 1 unit of measurement. Product details

Dongxing oil tank solenoid valve manufacturer [Mairui machinery]

the design of magnetic lock (or electromagnetic lock) is the same as that of electromagnet. It uses the principle of electro magnetism. When the current passes through silicon steel sheet, The electromagnetic lock will produce a strong suction force to firmly absorb the adsorbed iron plate to achieve the effect of locking the door. As long as a small current, the electromagnetic lock will generate a great magnetic force. The access control system that controls the power supply of the electromagnetic lock will cut off the power after the identification personnel are correct, and the electromagnetic lock can open the door after losing its suction. Because the electromagnetic lock has no complex mechanical structure and lock tongue structure, it is suitable for the access control of escape doors or fire doors. The lock body is internally protected by epoxy resin

electromagnetic lock is mainly applicable to the front and rear cabinet doors of indoor high-voltage switchgear to realize interlocking and prevent misoperation. It is indispensable for power generation and power supply departments. In addition, in order to meet the needs of integrated automation substation, some electromagnetic locks have also added auxiliary contacts in the lock, which can provide users with a pair of corresponding switch contacts at the closing and opening position of the lock, so as to facilitate mutual interlocking and integrated automation sampling of the lock, and avoid the idle journey. It is an ideal locking device for modern substation equipment

the lock made by automatically stopping the magnetic magnet (magnetic bead) after one cycle of rotation of the permanent machine, It is also called "electronic lock". Magnetic padlock there are two long strip plates inside the magnetic padlock, one is a movable plate and the other is a fixed plate. When the lock beam in the padlock locking state is pulled, the lock beam will squeeze the convex block on the movable plate, so that the movable plate has a force to move towards the fixed plate. If the movable plate can move a certain distance towards the fixed plate at this time, the lock can be opened. In the longitudinal plane of the two long strip plates, each plate is drilled with four holes. One end of the four magnetic beads is respectively fixed with a section of brass wire thinner than the magnetic beads, and the brass wires on the four magnetic beads are respectively inserted into the four holes on the fixed plate. The four holes on the fixed plate are thinner than the magnetic beads and thicker than the photocell wires fixed on the grating side by brass, so the magnetic beads can shake on the fixed plate in an all-round way, but after being fixed in the lock, they cannot move longitudinally due to the restriction of the lock body. One end of the magnetic bead without fixed brass wire faces the key slot outside the lock, and the one end of the magnetic bead with fixed brass wire faces the movable plate

if multiple words must be divided into multiple interfaces, No. 3, polyhydroxyfatty acid esters (PHA) - this should be a new term for everyone. Henan fingerprint lock reminds you that its protocol is relatively complex. They usually communicate with building walkie talkies, electromagnetic locks or electric locks. Fingerprint password lock agent to remind you that rs323 communication converter is used for smart devices. The fingerprint password lock agent reminds you that its characteristic is short transmission distance. Now the intelligent equipment in the community is quite common. Therefore, it is also the most widely used. The electromagnetic lock has no mechanical locking tongue structure and completely absorbs the door leaf. Its powerful "suction" can achieve the purpose of locking. Electromagnetic lock is the most durable, firm and safe electronic lock. Henan fingerprint lock reminds you that it is necessary when you need frequent access. Electric lock is an electronic control lock, which extends or retracts the "lock tongue" through the lock current to realize the function of locking or opening the door; Access control electromagnetic lock, also known as magnetic lock, is a closed lock. Attraction between electromagnet and iron. This is an electric lock to open the door

the magnetic beads in the lock will be attracted by the magnetic beads in the key outside the lock (which must correspond to the opposite magnetic poles inside and outside), so that the four brass wires in the lock, driven by the magnetic beads, are exactly aligned with the holes on the movable plate. When there is a tension acting on the locked lock beam, the convex block on the movable plate will be squeezed, which will overcome the force of the spring in the lock and move towards the fixed plate, At this time, four brass wires can enter the hole on the movable plate. The movable plate can move a certain distance towards the fixed plate, and the lock can be opened. In order to make the brass wire smoothly enter the hole on the movable plate, the end of the brass wire is pointed. When the lock beam is aligned with the lock hole, the lock beam will be pulled into the lock hole by the tension of the spring in the lock. At the same time, the movable plate will return to its original position by the force of the spring to lock. The general magnetic padlock is not very precise. When the padlock beam is pulled hard and the lock body is knocked with hardwood, the interaction of magnetic forces can be disturbed, which may make the tip of brass wire align with the upper hole of the movable plate

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