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Power plant maintenance safety control measures and requirements

power plant UPS main cabinet this project will include the safe handling of the new satellite function replacement project in LEGO factories around the world, the actions of the standard inspection staff, ensuring that the inspection task will be stopped safely and effectively, and formulating this inspection method

1. The staff involved in the inspection task shall strictly follow the safe operation procedures of various types of work, and understand the task contents and safe methods

2. All staff involved in the inspection must wear rest and shelter articles (including task clothes, hats, shoes, gloves, etc.) as required to prevent naked, slippers or bare feet from working on the site. They must wear safety helmets when entering the task site

3. It is strictly forbidden for the task staff to work with overload or disease. Before the inspection, the task site should be checked carefully to confirm that there is no hidden danger of safety

4. When using hand hammer, electric welding, gas welding, gas cutting and other public things, the inspection staff shall strictly follow the operating procedures of the portal structure corresponding to the single arm structure in the east to prevent production chaos

5. Stop (2) analysis of the use of modified PP on interior trim parts. When electric welding, gas welding and gas cutting are stopped, the operating garden should be well ventilated and free of inflammables and explosives. All kinds of gas cylinders should be more than 10 meters away from the open flame, and oxygen cylinders should be more than 8 meters away from the acetylene cylinder. Smoking around is strictly prohibited. Welding and gas cutting are strictly prohibited in containers with pressure liquid or pressure volume, live equipment and operating machinery

6. The inspection items must be approved by the same person in charge of the project, and the task can be carried out only after the same task ticket is made

7. During equipment inspection, the organizational and technical measures to ensure safety must be strictly implemented to prevent falling, smashing and bumping in the air, electric shock and mechanical risk

(I) prevent falling, smashing and bumping in the air

1 Use safety belts and bags as required

2 No throwing objects and materials up and down

3 Prevent climbing unstable frame

4 All staff entering the task site must wear safety helmets

(II) prevent electric shock

1 The voltage of the portable lamp shall not exceed 36 volts, and the portable lamp used in the metal container shall not exceed 12 volts

2 Before the task of connecting high-voltage electrical equipment, the power must be checked, and the power can be transmitted before the check is correct

3 It is strictly forbidden to send power at an agreed time

4 It is not allowed to use fancy wires and plastic wires to open things by electricity, and cables must be used

(III) to prevent mechanical risk

1 Wear helmet or goggles

2 to prevent injuries caused by grinding wheel, angle grinder and toothless saw debris Prevent foreign matters from flying out and injuring people during torsion

3 Check the staff and things at the end of work to prevent them from being left in the equipment

4 It is not allowed to check the staff's own test run

8. The safety measures for open fire work

(1) the fire ticket should be handled for open fire work in the no fire area

(2) there should be monitoring staff and fire equipment

(3) the working efficiency of the tension machine can be continuously improved and the inflammable and explosive materials around the machine can be cleaned up

(4) the oil pipeline and oil tank welding should be stopped according to the regulations

(5) smoking is not allowed at the task site

(6) check the task site after the task, The staff can evacuate only when there is no fire left behind.

(7) to prevent the waste oil from being dumped on the ground, the waste oil barrel must be placed on the site and cleaned up in time.

9. Safety measures for key lessons.

(1) it is strictly prohibited to have loose items in the pocket when entering the power distribution room.

(2) the daily task should be cleared:

check things and parts, keep them properly

clean up the site, Equipment painting and sealing

four checks:

check whether there is any kindling left on the site

check whether the ditches, pits, holes, hole covers and fences are complete

check whether the dismantled pipes and valve ports are blocked well

check whether the power supply for inspection is disconnected

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