Maintenance skills of the hottest wet alarm valve

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Maintenance skills of wet alarm valve

wet alarm valve is the central nerve of automatic sprinkler system. Its normal operation directly affects the normal operation of the whole system. Therefore, it is very important for the daily maintenance of wet alarm valve

1. Check whether the alarm bell rotates normally once every half a month. Open the drain valve during the inspection, and the alarm valve disc will open automatically due to the water pressure difference. After the water flows into the delayer for seconds, the alarm bell will give an alarm sound. If the alarm bell does not sound, check the whole alarm bell pipe to remove the scale, sediment and dirt, so as to make the water flow smooth and prevent the alarm failure. If the alarm bell still sounds after the alarm bell calibration cock is closed, check whether the calibration cock is the largest manufacturer in the world, whether it is tightly closed, whether there are obstacles on the annular water tank of the alarm valve, and whether the rubber under the alarm valve disc is aged or wrinkled. These faults shall be eliminated in time

2. Check the flowing water pressure once every six months. Open the drain valve and the alarm bell will sound. At this time, the pressure value displayed on the pressure gauge should not decrease significantly. If the decrease is significant, check whether the gate valve is blocked or not opened to the maximum; If the pressure drop shown on the pressure gauge is obvious and the alarm does not sound in recent years, check whether the disc of the wet alarm check valve starts normally

3. Check the sealing surface of the rubber gasket on the valve disc and remove the dirt and foreign matters attached to the rubber gasket; In case of wear or damage, it shall be replaced in time

4. The seal and the annular groove of the valve seat shall be inspected once a year for comprehensive consideration to remove dirt or foreign matters; In case of damage, it shall be replaced with spare parts

5. According to the water quality of fire water, regularly open the drain outlet on the filter to clean up the dirt

6. Daily attention shall be paid to whether the water level and pressure of the fire pool and the status of corresponding valves meet the specification requirements

7. Treatment of false alarm:

when false alarm is found, check whether the whole pipe is leaking and whether the overflow hole of the delayer is blocked or not. Open the drain test valve to drain the accumulated water in the system or check whether the movement of the 10 head of the water supply pipe is completed by changing the motor to check whether it is blocked

check whether the sealing between the wet alarm valve disc assembly and the valve seat is not tight, so that a large amount of water enters the delayer

check whether the nozzle in the pipe starts the release mechanism due to unexpected reasons

after finding out the cause of false alarm, it shall be handled in time to ensure that the system is in a good standby state at any time

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