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Major breakthrough in power lithium-ion battery production technology

according to media reports, when a "complete set of intelligent logistics system for power lithium-ion battery production" recently passed the test of scientific and technological achievements, as long as the corresponding experimental scheme is selected, the expert acceptance team believes that this fills the gap in the domestic intelligent production logistics integration system for new energy power batteries. This technology is independently developed by Wuxi Zhongding Integrated Technology Co., Ltd., which can effectively block various vibrations. Wengzhongjie, deputy general manager of the company, introduced that the equipment manufacturers in the domestic power lithium battery industry are mainly engaged in the manufacturing of single special equipment. The core system integration technology and equipment in this field are basically monopolized by Japan and South Korea, which started earlier abroad. It is not only expensive, but also has great limitations in the transformation of lithium battery models

it is reported that the project has the following innovations: (1) developed the power lithium-ion battery intelligent clamping and picking up technology, combined with intelligent application technologies such as robot and high-definition visual processing, to achieve the emergency disposal of dangerous goods. (2) The temperature control trigger system for lithium-ion battery airborne fire extinguishers has been developed. Fire extinguishing devices are equipped on the left and right sides of the stacking machine accessed by lithium-ion batteries, including fire sensors, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers and fire extinguishing controllers. (3) The system integrates the power lithium-ion battery rapid automatic sorting technology, the special stacker energy feedback technology in the most widely used conventional plastic granulator equipment, and the production control software system to realize the functions of high-efficiency rejection of defective products and energy-saving production

the project achievements have independent intellectual property rights, and have obtained 14 authorized invention patents, 4 utility model patents and 13 software copyrights. Industry insiders believe that the product of the project is a typical intelligent set system, which fully conforms to the priority development theme of the national medium and long term science and technology development planning outline () and made in China 2025. Therefore, this technological breakthrough is of great significance to promote the overall development of China's power lithium battery upstream and downstream industry chain, comprehensively improve the technical level of the intelligent manufacturing industry, and accelerate the realization of the national industrial 4.0 strategic goal. The organization suggests paying attention to the leading intelligence and the new world

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