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Maintenance rules for split centrifugal pumps

preparation before startup

in order to ensure the safe operation of the pumps in Changsha Sanchang split centrifugal pump factory, necessary inspections should be made before startup. First, slowly rotate the coupling or pulley by hand, and observe whether the water pump that has no problems can not be solved has the correct rotation, whether the rotation is flexible and stable, whether there are sundries in the pump, whether the bearing operates normally, and whether the belt tightness is appropriate; Check whether all screws are firm; Check whether there are sundries around the unit that hinder the operation; Check whether the submergence depth of the suction pipe is sufficient; The water outlet valve shall be closed to reduce the starting load, and the valve shall be opened in time after starting

inspection during operation

after startup, check whether various instruments work normally and stably, and the current should not exceed the rated value. The pressure gauge pointer shall be within the design range; Check whether the water output of the split centrifugal pump factory is normal, and check whether each part of the unit leaks; Check the compaction degree of the packing. Generally, there should be a small amount of leakage at the packing (no more than 10 ~ 20 drops per minute), and the leakage of the bonding strength in the mechanical seal should not be greater than 10ml/h (about 3 drops per minute); The temperature of rolling bearing shall not be higher than 75 ℃; The temperature of sliding bearing shall not be higher than 70 ℃, and pay attention to whether there is tire noise and abnormal vibration caused by different soybean oil, and pay attention to the reduction of water output; Timely adjust the submergence depth of inlet pipe orifice; Frequently clean the floating objects on the trash rack; If it is driven by belt, pay attention to whether the belt slips

shutdown and precautions after shutdown

before shutdown, the water outlet valve shall be closed before shutdown to prevent water backflow and damage to parts; After each shutdown, wipe the oil stains on the pump body and pipeline in time to keep the appearance of the unit clean and find hidden dangers in time; After shutdown in winter, drain the water immediately to prevent cracking of the pump body and internal parts; After the use season, necessary maintenance shall be carried out

periodic inspection of centrifugal pump

and then the periodic inspection of low-speed vertical pipeline pump of isgd and irgd can be generally divided into the following three types: daily inspection, i.e. inspection in use, as mentioned above; Monthly inspection: clean and minor repair the equipment surface without disassembling parts, including inspection of bearing temperature, causes of shaft seal leakage and motor insulation; Regular maintenance includes replacing the shaft seal lubricating oil, checking the alignment of pump and motor, checking the wear of shaft sleeve, checking the damage of coupling rubber ring, cleaning the mechanical seal, coolant filter and pump filter, checking the wear of sliding parts, and checking the damage and corrosion of all parts in contact with liquid

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