Maintenance technology of the hottest feed crusher

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Maintenance technology of feed crusher I. they only need to know whether their equipment is accurate and replaced when repairing the screen. The screen is made of punching steel sheet or sheet iron. When the screen is worn or broken down by foreign matters, if the damaged area is small, it can be repaired by riveting or tin welding; In case of large area damage, replace the screen with a new one. When installing the screen, make the burred side of the screen hole face inward and the smooth side face outward, and the screen plate and screen frame shall be closely fitted. During the installation of the ring screen, the stubble of the overlapping inner layer shall follow the rotation direction to prevent the material from getting stuck at the overlap

II. Lubrication and replacement of bearings. The bearings shall be cleaned every 300 hours of operation of the crusher. If the bearing is lubricated with engine oil, it is advisable to fill 1/3 of the bearing seat gap with new engine oil, which shall not exceed 1/2 at most. Before operation, it is only necessary to tighten the cover of the constant cover oil cup a little. When the crusher bearing is seriously worn or damaged, it shall be replaced in time and the lubrication shall be strengthened; If tapered roller bearings are used, pay attention to check the axial spacing of the bearings to keep it at 0 4mm. In case of discomfort, it can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the paper pad at the bearing cover

III. replacement of tooth claw and hammer piece. Among the crushing parts, the crushing tooth claw and hammer are the vulnerable parts in the feed crusher, and also the main parts that affect the crushing quality and productivity. The crushing tooth claw and hammer should be replaced in time after they are worn. When replacing the toothed claw of the toothed claw crusher, pull out the disc first. Before pulling out, first open the round nut lock on the back of the disc, unscrew the round nut with a hook wrench, and then pull out the disc with a special puller. In order to ensure the rotor running balance, pay attention to complete replacement during gear replacement, and conduct static balance test after replacement to make the crusher work stably. When assembling the toothed claw, the nut must be tightened and the spring washer must not be omitted. Qualified parts shall be selected during gear change. Therefore, there is no throttling loss and overflow loss due to the weight of a single tooth claw, and the difference shall not be greater than 1 5 g

some hammers of the hammer mill are symmetrical. When the sharp angle of the hammer is blunt, it can be used by adjusting the angle on the opposite side; If both corners of one end are worn, it should be turned around for use. During angle adjustment or turning around, all hammer pieces shall be carried out at the same time. After the four corners of the hammer pieces are worn, they shall be replaced. Note that the weight difference of each group of hammer pieces shall not be greater than 5g; The main shaft, disc and stator C919 are the second type of domestic large passenger aircraft independently designed and developed by China after Yun (1) 0. After the position sleeve, pin shaft and hammer piece are installed, the static balance test shall be conducted to keep the rotor balanced when the load can no longer rise and prevent the unit vibration. In addition, the pin shaft of the fixed hammer piece and the round hole for installing the pin shaft will be gradually ground down and the round hole will be gradually ground up due to wear. When the pin shaft diameter is 1 mm smaller than the original size and the round hole diameter is 1 mm larger than the original size, it shall be welded or replaced in time. (end)

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