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High and low voltage motor maintenance steps

I. winding

high voltage motor selects various specifications of wire wrapped flat wires such as bisimide, monoimide, thin double wire, etc. according to the voltage level. After the materials are complete, they can be wound on the winding machine to form a shuttle into a circle. Generally, the shortest coil linear part of the motor is 25cm, and the largest coil linear part is 1.2m. The winding can be single horizontal, single vertical, double horizontal transposition, or double horizontal transposition, Determined according to specific requirements. The round enameled wire coil can also be made by using the universal adjustment in the disc. A speed regulating motor and a turbine scroll reducer are built in the winding machine to drive the winding machine to realize the forward and reverse braking rotation of RPM, and can count the positive and negative. Generally, various motor coils within 1600kw can be wound. In addition, a set of simple tensioner is equipped to control the tightness of the winding coil. The general repair manufacturers can select the above products. In case of special large specifications, special winding equipment can be selected

II. Wrapping before forming

after the shuttle coil of high-voltage motor is wound, wrap it with insulating materials such as shrink tape and yellow wax ribbon, in order to protect the external insulation, interlayer insulation and turn to turn insulation of the coil from damage. In the drawing machine, it is free from friction of die clamps, nose pins, etc. to prevent looseness and deformation

generally, female workers are used to bind the coil. Because the female workers are meticulous and skilled and work fast, most people wrap the coil for pulling. Electric tape wrapping machine can also be used.

III. forming

forming machine, stretching machine and stretching machine are actually a kind of machine. Its main purpose is to pull the vertical winding shuttle coil or horizontal winding shuttle coil wound by the winding machine into a frame coil. The frame coil forms a centripetal angled coil based on the inner and outer circles of the motor stator core. The winding of the shuttle coil can be completed by 2 technicians, while the stretching (stretching) type generally requires 3 workers. In the past, before there was no forming machine, several experienced masters in our office could pull and form 72 coils by hand in 15 minutes, but it was difficult to pull and form larger coils. By using the drawing machine, generally, three people can pull out 72 coils within an hour. The linear part of each formed coil can be adjusted to 1.5m at most, the height can be adjusted to within 80cm, the angle adjustment range is degrees, and the four clamps can realize universal locking. After more than ten ordinary manufacturers, such as a motor factory in Harbin and a subordinate factory of Xiangtan Motor Factory, purchased the manual drawing machine, the general evaluation is that the production seems simple, but the operation is flexible and convenient, the module is loaded, the mold is withdrawn quickly, the drawing is convenient, the positioning is accurate, and the angle and position adjustment is accurate. It is a practical product. Before drawing, use the computer to draw the shape of the coil according to the actual situation of the repaired motor and make it into a template to adjust the drawing machine. Those who do not know the drawing generally use the old coil as a template to adjust the drawing machine. The four clamps of the drawing machine have up, down, left and right adjustment mechanisms. Adjust the lock of the clamping mechanism to lock the coil into the drawing procedure. The electric drawing machine produced by our company is almost the same as that produced in Shanghai. They are about 90000. I aim to be practical. The electric drawing machine costs 25000 yuan, and the hydraulic drawing machine costs 26000 yuan. The molding machines are well developed in China. The manufacturers in Shanghai and Shenyang mainly focus on large generators, but they are cumbersome to operate. They are mainly inflexible in angle adjustment, movement, distance adjustment, height adjustment, wire clamping and other aspects, and the price is relatively expensive

IV. shaping

the thickness of high-voltage motor increases a lot after adding mica insulating materials with different upper layers, and the distance between coil ends is occupied by the insulating layer. If you don't pay attention to it, it is crowded and can't be embedded during wire embedding, resulting in difficulty in wire embedding, which requires cold finishing. The traditional cold setting mold (or positive mold) is mainly made of wood. Each type of motor needs to make a set of mold, and the positive mold used by our company has the flexibility of adjusting distance, angle and end. Attention must be paid to not damaging the insulation between layers when striking during positive molding

after the low-voltage motor is drawn, it is generally no longer cold formed and directly enters the wire embedding process

v. after the mica tape is wrapped and the stator coil is cold formed by hot pressing,

the wrapping process begins. At present, the materials with high insulation grade of the coil are basically localized, but the quality and price of mica materials are very different. Our company has made coils and wound high-voltage motors for many years. We are familiar with the quality and prices of more than a dozen products. The trainees will inform the manufacturers of the details after graduation. The subscription standards for mica and other materials of different grades are different in different seasons and high and low voltage. A female worker bandages the coil for 10 hours a day. It is expected that three 10000 volt coils with a frame coil perimeter of 2 meters will be bandaged. The number of layers of coils of various motor grades, whether to wrap the straight line first or the end later depends on when to embed the wire. As for the role of mica tape, high resistance tape and contraction tape in the circle, which Jixi has selected the quality of the future successor industry, can you briefly introduce 1 the construction of China's standard system for non-metallic materials with good quantity and low price, how to wrap it, where to wrap it, how many layers to wrap it, etc., it is best to master and memorize the key points in the follow-up study. Our company produces universal mica tape wrapping machine. Generally, one tape wrapping machine can work instead of people. Manufacturers who produce coils in batch can choose to buy it. Customers who repair large motors in the initial stage should wrap it manually. During the repair of a high-voltage motor, the following steps should be carried out at the same time: winding, drawing, cold positive, covering mica tape, covering high and low resistance tape. These processes need to be operated by people. At the same time, the working procedure of the next hot pressing coil shall also be started. The main purposes of hot pressing are:

1 It is convenient to insert thread after setting

2. The coil can be moisture-proof and water-proof when cured

3. Corona discharge beyond the notch

4. Complete the sealing to the outside world and avoid high-voltage breakdown

the hot press forming machine produced by our company is 1.2m long, and the up and down, left and right, and angle can be adjusted. After the customer has a fully automatic computer-controlled hot press, yr, Jr, JS, TDK and motor stator coils within 1600kw can be processed. And can be customized according to customer requirements

the hot press can be attached with an automatic control device, such as the constant temperature of level H and level F. 6. Change the tightness of the chain of the experimental machine once every six months; Constant temperature operation, hot pressing time in many factories, when to start up, when to stand by for insulation can be intelligent. During hot pressing, you should buy some mold release agents, removers, residues and other tools from the designated manufacturers

VI. test the withstand voltage

the hot pressed coil shall be placed for a period of time after mold removal to test the withstand voltage. This is a process to inspect the product. The withstand voltage standard is set according to different working voltages such as 3000V, 6000V, 10000v, etc

how to prevent the straight-line part or the bending part from being punctured must be mastered during hot pressing. Our company has mastered several skills of minor repair of high-voltage motor coil, and has mastered the skills of designing and developing 1151 type gear pump extruder to copy the coil after being punctured after pressure resistance, which will only be known after personal participation and learning

generally, there are many products in Wuhan area for pressure resistant instruments

generally, one more coil shall be made from the coil winding to the completion of wire embedding. The purpose is:

1 Leave the technical data of this type of motor (wire gauge, number of turns, insulation thickness, linear length, curvature, end length, lifting height and pitch angle, etc.)

2. In case which coil fails to pass the test

the majority of high-voltage motors are 200kW and 2000kW, with a weight of more than 3 tons. According to their own conditions, suitable traveling cranes can be designed to facilitate motor maintenance. 7、 Embedded wire (stator and rotor)

the stator and rotor of the motor are put into the oven for baking after dust removal (generally washed by high-pressure water gun), and the minor repair or overhaul of the motor is determined after cooling. During the minor repair of high-voltage motor, there is a set of coil raising tools for minor repair, arc bending tools for rotor guide wire, hot pressing tools in stator coil movement, and many similar small tools, which need to be self-made. The key is to combine technology and experience. How not to damage the primary coil is the key. It is time-consuming and laborious to take out the coil for reprocessing. Whether the old coil can be reconstructed is the key to saving time (generally, the procurement cycle of the silk covered wire used for high-voltage motors is 1~2 weeks, which will delay the repair time. These important problems need to be mastered in the follow-up study)

a series of processes, such as how to take out the copper guide bar (aluminum bar) in the rotor, how to change the bar, how to wrap and make the standard coil, and how to weld the test, are not discussed here. When overhauling the motor rotor, all coils must be taken out. How to take them out and how to keep them intact are the key technologies. For example, take out the high-voltage motor as completely as possible. If the wire gauge is not damaged, it can save money and time when rebinding. When the coil needs to be remade, the outgoing line gauge must be calculated to waste time. When the stator is embedded, the withstand voltage is generally applied to every three coils to prevent the coil from discharging to the notches at both ends or to the end rings at both ends, as well as the coil damage and discharge caused by errors in the downlead. After the whole coil is embedded, the wiring, spacing, grouping, wiring, binding, star point connection, motor lead out and other operations shall be carried out in accordance with the operating procedures of all levels of motors. General motors are sealed together after one withstand voltage test before the star sealing point, and three lead wires can be led out. There are also 6 special lead wires externally sealed triangle or externally connected star wires. General lead wires shall be purchased from the designated high-voltage cable manufacturer. After all wiring is completed, the whole motor shall be subject to withstand voltage again

VIII. Paint dipping

when the motor manufacturer produces motors in batch, it is necessary to purchase vacuum paint dipping equipment, which is provided by a professional manufacturer. Generally, the repair manufacturer uses the electric heating rod to heat the stator to a certain temperature and then turn it over. The stator mouth is upward for double-sided paint filling. There is a paint holding device at the bottom during paint pouring. After filling the paint, it shall be put into the oven for more than two hours. It shall be baked at low temperature for three hours, and then at high temperature for 18 hours. It will be released after 24 hours accumulatively. The purpose is to solidify the insulation of the wire rod and the wires inside and outside the slot, so as to prevent vibration from damaging the insulation structure. Please remove the residual paint in the stator cavity to assemble

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