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Ink jet printer maintenance skills

for enterprises, it is often administrative staff who manage and monitor office equipment. Such staff are usually mainly women, who are usually helpless in the face of printer failure

the shortest way to deal with a fault is to call the maintenance personnel. As a result, the maintenance personnel spent two hours on the bus from the north to the south in the scorching sun. Finally, they found that it was because your equipment didn't connect to the computer. Let's not say that the maintenance personnel were angry with you. Finally, you left a laughing stock for your colleagues about your dereliction of duty and the need to improve their professionalism. It really hurt both sides and outweighed the loss

for home users, their common sense in dealing with printers is even weaker. In fact, most of the time, your equipment is OK, but your operation method is wrong. In order to avoid this tragic phenomenon, the author has collected and sorted out some solutions in this regard, hoping to bring feasible help to your daily printing

inkjet printer

driver installation cannot print normally

one of the reasons: the port setting in the driver attribute is inconsistent with the actual port

the second reason: the communication problem caused by the USB connection. In order to reduce the cost, many businesses give away USB connections that are "three no" products and can be replaced with one of good quality

intermittent white lines or illegible handwriting

one of the reasons: there is no ink in the ink cartridge. As some older inkjet printers do not have a single ink cartridge, the ink is exhausted and the basic size is shown according to the outline and foundation drawing, resulting in the waste of paper and blue ink that meet the technical requirements of the whole process. You can change the ink by yourself according to the prompts in the printer. When the ink in the ink cartridge is almost used up, the font color will become significantly lighter, accompanied by the color deviation of the printed image. Users can avoid this kind of thing by paying attention to it all the time

second reason: there are bubbles in the ink cartridge. This situation is common in ink cartridges filled with ink. Because the nozzle is blocked by bubbles, ink drops cannot be released in time, resulting in white lines. The ink cartridge can be taken out and the nozzle can be moved down to the left and right for a little time, which makes the railway administration, which has just set the target of stopping the decline and recovery of traffic volume this year, unable to give in and better solve this phenomenon. If the shaking cannot drive away the bubbles, it is necessary to print multiple documents and wait for the bubbles to be eliminated

reason 3: the nozzle is partially blocked. Use the cleaning nozzle option in the printer driver to clean the nozzle. If after cleaning, the lack of line of self inspection pattern will be reduced, which proves that the cleaning is effective, and the cleaning shall be insisted. If the white line is still printed after three times of cleaning, the ultrasonic humidifier can be used to conduct high-frequency impact on the nozzle in water, or immerse the nozzle in a hot towel for one hour to dredge the printing nozzle

one of the reasons why the print head is blocked

is that the ink cartridge with sufficient ink must be installed in the printer. It is very easy to block the print head if the printer is not used for a long time, so it must be used at least once a week, otherwise the print head may be blocked due to dry ink. Due to the blockage of the nozzle caused by the solidification of the ink, you can use the printer to drive the built-in nozzle cleaning function once or twice. If you still can't flush the nozzle, you can use the ultrasonic humidifier to impact the nozzle in high frequency in the water, or immerse the nozzle in a hot towel for one hour to dredge the printing nozzle

reason 2: the nozzle is blocked by chemical solidification or impurities. It is difficult to remove this fault and must be handled manually. First, remove the nozzle, immerse the nozzle in 961 cleaning solution, and clean it with reverse suction and pressure. After washing, use pure water to clean the cleaning solution. After drying, you can install the machine. As long as the hard objects do not damage the nozzle electrodes, the cleaned nozzle can still be used normally

the ink line is normal but the printing accuracy is not enough.

the printing accuracy of the inkjet printer will gradually deteriorate due to the extension of the number of times and time of use. Generally, a new nozzle can replace about cartridges from the beginning of use to the end of its service life. If the printer has been used for a long time and the printing accuracy becomes poor, it can be basically judged that it is caused by the aging of the nozzle. If the printer is new, the printing line segment is often unclear, the text and graphics are skewed, the outer boundary of the text and graphics is fuzzy, and the synchronization accuracy of the printing ink control is poor. This indicates that the problem lies in the ink cartridge. Either the ink cartridge has been unpacked before use, or it is a non original ink cartridge

paper jam or paper soiled by ink

paper jam is more likely to occur in wet weather. Because the weather is wet, the cartons are generally designed at the bottom of the machine body, which is easy to cause paper deformation and paper deviation on the paper path. The solution is to put a bag of desiccant in the carton. Of course, there is another possibility that the aging or damage of internal components of the printer may affect the smoothness of the paper path. You can open the printer to carefully observe the paper jam position and try to test with different paper. If the problem persists, it is recommended to send it to the after-sales maintenance center

replace the new ink cartridge and keep the ink out lamp on.

some printers use the electronic counter inside the printer to count the ink capacity. When the counter reaches a certain value, the printer judges that the ink is out. During cartridge replacement, the printer will reset its internal electronic counter to confirm that a new cartridge is installed. When the light details appear, you can move the print head to the cartridge replacement position, remove it and reinstall it

it is possible to remove the old ink cartridge and replace it with a new one. After replacing the ink cartridge, the printer will fill the ink delivery system, and this process cannot be carried out when the printer is turned off, so the printer cannot detect the reinstalled ink cartridge

abnormal noise when starting up

one of the reasons is that the designated lubricant is not used when maintaining the printer, but other lubricants are used to replace it, resulting in the obscurity of the sliding rod, which makes the character cart not move smoothly

the second reason: the slide bar has not been maintained for a long time, which leads to the abnormal sound caused by the poor movement of the carriage

reason 3: illegal installation of continuous ink supply system and forced transformation of the structure of the carriage, resulting in excessive load on the sliding rod, resulting in poor walking and abnormal noise

the first two reasons can be solved by wiping and cleaning the guide rail with a soft cloth dipped in anhydrous alcohol, and then lubricating with the specified printer lubricating oil. The third reason requires disassembly and continuous supply

routine maintenance

in order to keep the printer in the best working condition, it should be thoroughly cleaned several times in a year. On the whole, the orders of plastic machinery in the United States in 2013 increased by 8% compared with last year When cleaning, turn off the power supply, take out all the papers from the paper feeder, and clean them with a soft and clean cloth soaked with moderate detergent. At this time, turn off the printer housing to prevent water from flowing into the printer. If the printer is contaminated with ink, wipe it with a wet cloth. Improper handling will cause serious damage to the printer. It is necessary to properly pack it (preferably with the original packaging) before handling the printer, make sure that the print head is covered and the ink cartridge is in place. Do not remove the ink cartridge from the printer. Keep the printer horizontal during handling and do not turn it upside down, otherwise the ink in the print head cleaning tank will flow back

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