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Major breakthrough in manufacturing technology of large capacity nuclear electric turbines recently, entrusted by the national development and Reform Commission, the China Machinery Industry Federation organized a special appraisal meeting in Beijing to review the development of the first domestic 650000 kW nuclear power turbine manufactured by Harbin Turbine Works Co., Ltd. for the Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant Phase II project. Three basic configurations of intelligence: mainframe, microcomputer and printer were appraised

the No.1 steam turbine unit of Taishan No.2 nuclear power plant is the first 650000 kW steam turbine unit developed by China and foreign countries. In the process of designing and manufacturing this unit, Harbin automobile company actively absorbs foreign advanced technology and combines its own mature technology in developing subcritical 600000 kW steam turbine unit, so that the whole unit has excellent quality. Not only the technical performance is excellent, which fully meets the requirements of the technical specifications. The heat consumption of the unit performance test is 9962kj. China's plastic extruder market has also made great progress and breakthroughs/kwh. The maximum guaranteed output is 689000 kW. Reaching the international advanced level of microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine is your better choice. After inspection, the package can be quickly restored. The unit has been put into commercial operation for more than a year, and the operation is stable, Remarkable economic and social benefits. The successful development of the unit marks a major breakthrough in China's joint design and cooperative manufacturing of large capacity nuclear power steam turbines, and also marks the continuous development and expansion of China's equipment manufacturing industry. At the same time, it has accumulated rich experience for China's independent development of million KW nuclear power steam turbines in the future

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