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We often encounter some intractable corner spaces in the decoration of new houses, which makes people headache. The formation of corner space is sometimes caused by the dead corner structure of the house itself, sometimes by the narrow channel structure, or by an independent corner space attached to a large space, etc. No matter what causes the inefficient space, we need to transform it to make the space utilization more efficient

we also have the right remedy for its transformation. For the space that has no reasonable zoning through to the end, we should enrich the space level and reduce the excessive space “ Zero ”, Increase practicality. For fragmented space, we should integrate the too small space, otherwise it will make people feel cramped and depressed. For the garbage dead corner or irregular spatial structure generated by the housing structure, it can be designed into an independent area through functional transformation to increase its practicality

1. If it is a garbage corner space formed by the stair structure, such a space is very common in the duplex structure, and it can't be changed by modifying the structure, but you can use it. Many times, we will weaken it. The closed treatment method will make the area more cramped. It's better to open it as a leisure area, The wall can be hung with some pictures to increase the atmosphere, making the whole space look more temperament. You can also make it a buffer zone for your master bedroom and passage, a small family gathering area, and a more convenient reading area. You can do what you like here when your partner is resting, without worrying about disturbing others

2. If we need to separate the large space that connects to the end, we can use the transparent partition to separate the excessive space. This is a very practical space setting method. In this way, the integrity of the space is preserved, and the independence is also improved, avoiding connecting the space with the space with relatively high privacy requirements, causing trouble in use. Or use the push-pull partition to divide. When it is closed, the two spaces can be separated and become a relatively independent use space. When the push-pull partition is opened, the two spaces will be merged into a spacious large space, which can meet the needs of large space when there are many people such as family gatherings

3. If it is a small space connected with the living room space, its small area makes its status a little embarrassed. Functional areas such as kitchen and bathroom are not suitable to be placed here. As a resident, the study is indeed a little small. It is indeed a good idea to build it into a leisure area without clear functions. First, it can be used as a supplement to the reception area. Second, it can give guests a space to have fun. With some soft decorative partitions, this place can become relatively private, and it can also be integrated with the living room when necessary

4. If the room space is limited, it must increase the storage space in the room. For example, the position of raising the bed makes it a storage cabinet with huge capacity under the bed, and the garbage dead corner can also be designed into a high cabinet with shape, which has both a sense of design and strong practicality

let design create our life, refuse the waste of space, and increase the utilization rate of room space, so as to make life more comfortable




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