Home collocation creates a simple Japanese style

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Living room: the houses of Japanese architecture are mostly built of wood and paper, and the design of Japanese housing that has continued to evolve to modern times is full of calmness and individuality. Whether it is the ancient wooden beams and columns built of reinforced concrete, or the traditional elegant and pure Japanese space, through the decoration of internal design, more and more people give full play to and enjoy the life fun of Hefeng home in the form of their own preferences

matching recommendation: Japanese tea set: Japanese are very particular about the furnishings of household products, and everything is clear and refreshing there. The tea set full of Zen can be well decorated in the Japanese living room, with a profound artistic conception and a touch of cultural charm

calligraphy and painting decorate the living room: Japanese people pay attention to Zen and are indifferent to tranquility. Of course, there are decorative paintings in the living room. A pair of elegant, meaningful and beautiful calligraphy and painting is very useful for the creation of Japanese home furnishings

collocation recommendation: in the decoration collocation of Japanese porch, paying attention to Feng Shui is the most important. Therefore, it is logical to place a shoe cabinet in the porch. It is convenient for both the owner and the guest to change shoes here. When placing the cabinet in the porch, you should pay attention to that the cabinet should not be too high, the area should not be too small, and should not be placed in the middle position. It is best to move it to both sides and leave the focus of the center

bedroom: the Japanese pay attention to Zen, indifferent and quiet, fresh and refined, so the decoration of the bedroom also mostly emphasizes its functionality, with less decoration and embellishment, simple shape, mostly straight lines, and luxurious and luxurious styles are almost impossible to appear in Japanese homes. And "Heshi" is the eternal highlight of Japanese furniture. Due to the use of natural materials, wide doors and windows, light transmission, low and few furniture, it always gives people a spacious and bright refreshing feeling

collocation recommendation: in the collocation of Japanese bedrooms, the most important thing to pay attention to is the layout of light and situation. The bedroom belongs to a private space. In addition to the good transmittance of doors and windows, the laying of scene artistic conception is also very important. A candlestick, dim and warm lights, elegant bedroom cabinet, and Zen calligraphy and painting are the magic weapons to decorate the bedroom.

corner of the restaurant: in Japanese style, returning to nature is the biggest feature. No matter in the design of color, function and shape, it advocates being close to nature and emphasizes naturalism, so that users can feel natural

Japanese pot

Japanese tableware: someone said that exquisite Japanese cuisine is a "food eaten with eyes". Of course, the delicacy of Japanese cuisine is set off by tableware. Japanese tableware is not only the carrier of food, but also a work of art with high-grade aesthetic value. Most Japanese tableware has little decoration and ornament. Its simple shape and streamlined design are highly functional, practical and aesthetic





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