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As the biggest adjustment since its establishment in 2004, Kaixin wooden door, the leading brand of China's light luxury wooden door, has taken the lead in the industry, abandoned the fixed image of the traditional wooden door industry, and issued a new brand logo different from the market, in order to synchronize the strategic transformation of the enterprise's rejuvenation in 2016, reshape the image of the door industry and the value label of rejuvenation through positive innovation measures and cross-border integration, In the same period, the brand of Kaixin wooden door was upgraded from Chongqing difite Wood Products Co., Ltd. to Chongqing Yuxin door industry Co., Ltd

for the original intention of this strategic transformation of the enterprise, Yaobin, chairman of Kaixin wooden door, said: "the change of Kaixin is our consideration of the change of the industry, and it is based on the adjustment of the change of wooden door's consumer group. 8090 has become a major consumer and decision-maker. We expect to crown young people with younger brand vision and brand spirit, in line with the values and preferences of young people."

it is reported that the new brand logo released by Kaixin wooden door began at the beginning of the year. Kaixin designer team, independent designer group, color visual consultants and others gathered in Changshou, China furniture (wood) base, and launched a three-month logo design scheme. Through the integration of the wisdom of all parties, this disruptive adjustment was determined, and extended to all aspects of enterprise operation and brand promotion

▲ the effect of new and old logo

the first thing worth mentioning is the change of brand English. The English logo has evolved from kaix to Cason. It is the abbreviation of brand value proposition creative innovation, ambiton endeavor, support support, option proposition and noble noble. It is expected to convey the value rich in brand spirit and encourage young consumers to pursue their unique personality

▲ two ways of using the new logo and their effects

at the same time, the main color system of the visual system complies with the positioning of the brand light luxury, removing the previous black green color, and changing it to brick gold with a full sense of massiness, plus the earth color system of gray, white, black, etc., which is all inclusive. It simply and concisely shows happy, open, fashionable, diversified visual communication, and the visual system with light luxury as the keynote, and extends to the happy brand new franchise store system

▲ the application of the new logo of kaixinmumen in franchised stores

▲ the application of the new logo of kaixinmumen in franchised stores

▲ the application of the new logo of kaixinmumen in franchised stores

in terms of the overall image, the new logo in the design style, in a minimalist way, removes too much decoration, and caters to the current mainstream flat logo design, and no longer uses linings, so as to meet the increasing use of smart machines Consistency of identification proportion on different devices such as tablets

▲ appreciation of the application of the new logo of kaixinmumen

whether it is the new rejuvenation strategic positioning of kaixinmumen, the renewal of the logo system, or the iteration of the company name, for the wooden door industry, and even the whole traditional industry, it can be said that it changes with the times and is in the forefront of the transformation of China's traditional manufacturing industry




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