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Warm congratulations on the grand opening of Cohen kitchen appliances Henan Zhengzhou Phoenix City store

warm congratulations on the grand opening of Cohen kitchen appliances Henan Zhengzhou Phoenix City store. Cohen kitchen appliances lead the post kitchen era, advocate of Chinese concept smoke machine, pioneer of Cohen Da mesh board, and Cohen kitchen appliances have been awarded the title of "Chinese famous brand". Cohen kitchen appliances is a professional manufacturer of high-end range hoods, gas stoves, disinfection cabinets Kitchen and bathroom electrical appliance enterprises integrating environment-friendly stoves

Zhengzhou is the capital of Henan Province, with more than 10000 cultural relics and historic sites, including 38 national key cultural relics protection units and 43 items. Including Dengfeng "in heaven and earth" historical buildings, the hometown of the Yellow Emperor, the ruins of Zhengzhou mall and other historical attractions. Zhengzhou is located in the geographical center of China. It is an important railway, aviation, expressway, power, post and telecommunications hub city in China, and an important industrial city in Central China. Thanks to its unique geographical location, Zhengzhou is also a famous commercial port in history and is still an important material distribution center in the central region. Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange is one of the three national commodity exchanges. "Zhengzhou price" has always been the guiding price for world grain production and circulation

congratulations to President Li Cohen on the grand opening of the Phoenix City store in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. I wish president Li a prosperous business and prosperous financial resources. We create, share and grow together

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