Don't renovate the floor blindly in the decoration

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Floor renovation is to restore the old floor as new by grinding, puttying, painting, waxing and polishing the surface of the floor. Compared with buying the floor again, the old floor adapts to the indoor environment, has better stability, and the renovation cost is much cheaper. Due to the low cost of floor renovation, many old house owners intend to renovate all the old floors in their homes. However, according to experts, only solid wood floors, solid wood composite floors and bamboo floors with a surface thickness of 4mm can be renovated. In addition, local renovation will also cause the difference between the old and new floors. Therefore, consumers should not blindly renovate the floors

there are requirements for the thickness of the floor surface

according to experts, not all floors can be renovated. There is a layer of aluminum oxide wear-resistant layer on the surface of the laminate floor. Renovating the floor will damage its wear-resistant layer, causing the aging of the floor to intensify, so the laminate floor cannot be renovated. Only solid wood floors, solid wood composite floors and bamboo floors with a surface thickness of 4mm can be renovated. Because the surface of the floor will be polished off after several times of polishing 1— 2mm. If the surface layer of the floor is too thin, the middle layer will be polished, which will affect the service life of the floor

the local renovation effect is not good

the overall renovation effect of the floor of a room is good, which can basically achieve the effect of the new floor, but the local renovation will cause the difference between the old and new floors. The longer the service life of the floor, the more obvious the difference between the old and new floors

damaged, moldy and deformed floors may not be able to be renovated. The moldy floor will generally go deep into the interior of the floor, and there will still be moldy spots on the polished floor surface; The deformation and damage of the floor cannot be remedied by grinding. If only a small part of the floor is damaged, moldy and deformed, the floor with the same color number can be replaced. If there is no floor with the same color number, you can choose the floor with similar color, and color it and copy it to minimize the color difference. If most of the floors have been damaged, or have mildew and deformation, it is recommended to buy again

pay attention to the supervision of renovation quality

floor renovation is divided into five steps: polishing, puttying, coloring, painting, waxing and polishing. When grinding, the grinder should use 40 mesh, 80 mesh and 120 mesh sandpaper in turn (the larger the mesh number is, the smaller the sandpaper particle is, and the less obvious the scratch left by grinding) to grind for three times, then scrape putty to level the floor, and then paint or color the floor. Because the texture of the surface layer of solid wood is natural, it cannot change the design and color, but can only adjust the depth of the floor color

all items in the house should be removed before renovation to ensure that the house is clean and dust-free when painting. The floor generally needs to be brushed with one coat of primer and two coats of finish paint. If there are still defects on the polished floor surface, it is necessary to brush the primer several times according to the situation. The next coat of paint can only be applied after the first coat of paint is completely dry. Therefore, floor renovation generally takes 4 days

at present, there are few special floor renovation companies, and most of them are cleaning companies. In order to ensure the quality of floor renovation, it is recommended that consumers invite professional supervisors to supervise the construction





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